THREE A.M. ~ Dior Homme by Christian Dior


Her eyes were half closed in her trademark lets make love look. With  lips that shimmied and shimmered in a lush Max Factor red lipstick, she seemed to be reaching out from the screen and all the way up to the second row in the third balcony of Radio City Music Hall. She was looking at him and only him.

“The French are glad to die for love.

They delight in fighting duels.

But I prefer a man who lives,

And gives expensive……”


“Huh? What?” he mumbled half awake trying to figure out where she went?

“You are singing in your sleep again.”  His wife said overflowing with three a.m. frustration. “Gentleman may prefer blondes but I prefer that you didn’t do showtunes in the middle of the night.”

“Sorry honey….” Jules whispered and waited.

A heavy sigh was her reply. He took quiet short breaths until he could hear her low adenoidal snore. He turned over in the bed toward the glow streaming though the window of Manhattan after midnight.

“Hi!” She was tangled in white sheets and propped up on one elbow right next to him in the bed. “Who’s the grumpy tomato? She doesn’t like showtunes?”


(Photograph by Douglas Kirkland)

He squinted and then rubbed his eyes.

“Well?” she said not in her breathy movie voice but in her own natural and beautiful voice, a voice melodic with a hint of melancholy and on the edge of laughter.

“ah….no she likes showtunes… it’s just that I can’t sing.”

“Nonesense! I think you sing like Frank.”


“Sinatra silly!” she laughed and pulled the sheet up a little higher over her bosom, lifted her head to the left and looked over his shoulder.  “You didn’t answer my first question, who’s the tomato?”

“Believe me, she’s no tomato she’s my wife.”

Was she really here he wondered. Did it really matter? Don’t question the night just keep talking.

“How did you get in here?”

“I don’t know.” She looked up at the sleep tossed lock of champagne blonde hair hanging down over her right eye. With a crooked kiss she blew it back into its cinemascope ready place.   “I just turned over and here you are.”

“Me too!” His eyes wandered slightly. “Don’t you have anything on?”

She wiggled her shoulders and gifted him with that sleepy half lidded smile. “Just this sheet, and some perfume.”

They talked until the sky began to brighten.

At 6:30 the alarm went off and he woke up slightly dazed and a little dazzled. His wife moaned. He hit the buzzer and then hit the shower. While dressing for the office he remembered her from the night before and smiled. What a strange and somehow lovely dream it had been.

He absently picked a white Brooks Brothers shirt from where it lay folded with the others in the cedar closet.

There it was as real as sunlight and twice as lovely, a red lipstick kiss on the back inside of the collar. He put the shirt on . He could almost feel her lips brush the back of his neck. For the rest of the day he could smell the luscious Max Factor red lipstick kiss from Marilyn Monroe



Dior Homme is a man’s fragrance famous for it’s lipstick on your collar smell that trails and lingers about a man’s neck like the playful fingers of a beautiful woman.  When you first put it on, it entwines into your hair and runs along the pulse points of the body in a warm sensuous touch that is both sexy and enticing. The amazing thing is how simply masculine it is and that is all about the Iris and falling in love with a man’s skin.

The fragrance opens with a dry hills sage smell warmed buy a summer sun. This is layered over by bright bergamot citrus zing and clean fresh lavender. This hangs around for a very short time just setting you up for the main players.

From deep in the base opens smooth refined leather note that encases the middle notes like a finely made Dior handbag. Yes it smells a bit like the inside of a woman’s purse. And in that purse is a right rich, lush and powdery scent of make-up. This aroma specifically reminds me of the old Max Factor pancake makeup my mother used to wear in the 50’s and 60’s. The make-up scent is carried off by the Iris which is huge but not overbearing. Then with the addition of cacao there comes a waxy sensual lipstick smell which is enriched with a very deep and luxe amber. It is so well designed that I find myself sniffing my wrist repeatedly in the first of many hours of long wear.

I know what you are thinking, Lipstick, makeup and masculine? How can that be?  It is all in the base where the testosterone resides and pumps relentlessly up and into the fragrance giving it its more masculine edge. Vetiver all rooty and rough mixes it up with a punch-drunk patchouli. These boys hit the dry down with the afore mentioned refined and long lasting  leather, The three carry Dior Homme into a lingering finale. At this point I found that from time to time it would  on occasion, rise up to envelop me as if my body heat had revived it from the dead long after I thought it was finished.

Dior Homme surprised me. I originally bought it to use as a layering scent, something to give oomph and panache to more understated scents like for instance, Dior Bois D’Argent. (That is a stunning combo created by my friend, Dior Fragrance Specialist Hilary Randall). But what I found it that this fragrance which is dearly loved by the online fragrance community is a stunning standalone beauty. It is complex in its simplicity, chic and sleekly masculine in its style, And it says something, that something is: I am Dior Homme, women love to wear me but they love it even more when you wear me.


Dior Homme Five Gold Stars *****


  1. I see you haven’t lost your touch!

    Hugs from snowy Chicago!


    • Darling there you are! I have missed you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am so happy to hear from you. And thank you.

      • Happy Holiday’s to you, dear Lanier! Life has been a tad crazy here and this “one-woman-band” stuff is getting exhausting! I’m writing, I’m shooting, I’m editing, I’m interviewing, and then I’m dropping into my bed at night, only to pass out until morning comes and I get up and do it all again. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m still trying to find my groove. Do forgive me for not checking in sooner—I’ve been meaning to for ages. Hope you are well and happy and that life is good.

      • No need to be forgiven. We have our lives to live outside our blogs and I know you have a very busy and exciting one going on back there in the Snow. Growing up in Southern California snow was something we went to visit in the mountains, kind of like going to Disneyland. Here in San Francisco it would mean the end of civilization as we know it.
        All is well here and that is good! I know that no mater how long the time goes by between hello’s it is always as if no time has passed at all. hugs dear Mary.

  2. Love this, it’s my husband’s signature scent. I hear it’s been reformulated. He has a bottle with the metal rod over the tubing, now it’s black. I hope it’s still amazing!

    • Annina thank you. I am reviewing the newest formula. And from what I understand it is nearly the same as the old original. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds divine and I’m sure it’s lovely layered as Hilary does with Bois d’Argent!

    • Hilary comes up with the best ideas and is our perfume go to guru. You should smell her layering of Mitzah and Oud Ispahan. Fabulous is too puny a word for that bit of magic. xo

  4. You make everything sound so fabulous. I have a sample of this somewhere. I must go and find it…

    • Poodle you are a darling. Well not everything. I was not very nice to 1Million and Aqua di Gio. Stay warm!

      • My dearest, Aqua di Gio is a fancy way of saying Windex. There are bound to be some that don’t work for you.

  5. I know I was going to read this last night… But, I’m glad I waited until today… Somehow it adds to the Christmas magic, as the sun sets, and the lights on the freshly decorated tree wink on… And, Dreamland with Marilyn and a perfume I have to get my mitts on… xox, V

    • I had a feeling it was something you would like. All about what is a dream and what isn’t. Are you dreaming or are you awake and the magic movies leave us with in the dark with our eyes open and in the dark with our eyes closed.

  6. Dearest Lanier
    I could see and hear her too… really!
    Beautiful dialogue, sparse and yet true.
    As to the scent, I must admit it is rather yummy and you’ve reminded me I have a half bottle of the first release lurking somewhere, I think it may get an outing this week.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • I am so happy I made you remember your bottle. And thank you for your kind words for my Marilyn and her Walter Mitty.

  7. I’ve been looking for a Christmas present for my girlfriend and Dior Homme is one option that I’ve been considering. Your review makes me want to smell it again, the descriptions are so evocative and make it sound like such a sensual scent. Wow. I absolutely loved this review!

    • It would smell great on a woman. It smells better on skin than on paper. So try it on first. I am so glad you enjoyed the review!

  8. Gorgeous photo of Marilyn!

    • it was taken by the wonderful photographer Douglas Kirkland. Google him and you will be amazed by his work.

  9. Lipstick and Marilyn-in-white-sheets with a darkly deeply fragrant set of choices to make.



    _teamgloria x

    • I know…all that glamour, and dark beauty of the fragrance. It is a heady mix. Glorious in fact! I am so thrilled you stopped by.

  10. Just heard your reading of this- marvelous Lanier!

    • Oh thanks Natalee! That is so sweet of you. (I hope to do better next time)

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