ON THE TOWN WITH COCO! – Coco Noir by Chanel

“Vous n’auriez pas vu Coco?” 

Not everyone is going to like Coco Noir. After all she is not what they expected. Coco has a reputation in town for being uber-chic and almost always a perfect thing. But tonight she just wants to have fun.

THE OPENING: Bergamot, Grapefruit,

Where is the party Coco? It all begins around 10 pm in a cabaret in Pigale.  Coco Noir is a party girl ripe and ready for flaming a night on the town from one end of Paris to the other. Don’t let the little black dress fool you or the gold jewelry so artfully placed lead you to think she is above scandal and a little naughty fun. Liquor sweet as cotton candy is passed around the club to girls for rent by men who light their cigars with 10 franc notes. Coco likes to mix it up with the hoi polloi and in so doing she finds herself dancing on the bar and singing her old song to the rough customers down from Montmartre.

“You have not seen Coco?

Coco in the Trocadero

Who has seen Coco?

Hey! Coco!  Hey! Coco!

Who has seen Coco?

Hey! Coco!”

The crowed is singing along with her, hands grabbing at the hem of her skirt. They are laughing. She is laughing and ready to move on.

THE HEART: Rose, Jasmine, Narcissus.

It is after midnight when Coco makes her escape in a taxi to the elegant calm of Maxim’s. Her entrance causes a stir among the well dressed upper croissant of Paris. They are ALL talking about her.  Some say she is too much, others that she is not enough and a few that she is heading for a fall. Where she is heading is to a private table for a late supper with a certain special Englishman. Here in the posh Maxims Coco Noir relaxes and enjoys the glamour that she infuses into the scene. All eyes are on her cool elegance as she flirts with the Englishman and sips Champagne cold,  crisp, and bubbly. She may laugh a little too loudly but she doesn’t care.

DRY DOWN: Sandalwood, Olibanum, Vanilla-Tonka Bean, White Musk, Patchouli.

Always the capricious coquette it is now on to the left bank. She and the Englishman along with a few Coco fans cross the river on foot singing her song, this time not quite so fast or as loud.

“Qui qu’a qui qu’a vu Coco?
Eh! Coco!
Eh! Coco!
Qui qu’a qui qu’a vu Coco?
Eh! Coco!”


Ending up in Le Chat Noir jazz club just off the Boulevard Saint Germain Coco leans lazily into the crook of the Englishman’s arm.  Softly, dreamily she hums along to the cool slinky jazz sax. She could stay this way for hours, luxuriating in the lush smoky atmosphere of the end of a perfect night on the town. When the hangers on drift away she smiles up at her Englishman then winks.

As they walk arm in arm across the Pont Saint-Michel in the chilly pink dawn Coco Noir rests her head on his shoulder and sings softly to him.

“Qui qu’a qui qu’a vu Coco?”

The opening of Coco Noir  is very bright and fizzy with bergamot and grapefruit. There is the pink fuzzy feel of cotton candy to me in the opening. That passes very fast as the bottom note olibanum snakes up to take its sensuous hold. Then the heart notes rose, jasmine and narcissus come in to play softly and with a stayed elegance enhanced by the grounding geranium and the upwardly moving bottom notes of vanilla and tonka bean. All through this center you get the arrival of the final dry down notes. Fist the sandal wood followed closely by the white musk and patchouli. It has a fine silage and last very long on my skin.

Coco Noir is not dark and mysterious as one might expect from the name and the beautiful black bottle. It is all about sophistication having a bit of fun. This is a scent for a night out including anything from the Opera to a down on its luck nightclub.  Aside from the early cotton candy sensation that is only there for 10 minutes it really is not that overtly feminine so I would say it could be worn by both sexes.

Coco Noir is the kind of mademoiselle that when you wear her at night, anything could happen.

Special thanks to Undina for sending me the sample!



  1. Every time I see the bottle I am filled with wanting and yearning.
    Portia x

    • Yes it is a brilliant beautiy. And you know, when I sprayed it on tonight I could hear it whisper ….”Portia….Portia….”

      • HA HA HA HA! snort! No way buddy. This one is profoundly un me by the write ups. Even Coco Mademoiselle is endurance fragrance for the first hour for me. I fear this may be intolerable. I will steal a spritz at the counter one day though.
        Portia xx

  2. Nice story! Though on my skin it wouldn’t have survived that taxi ride 😉

  3. Love the visuals you paint with your words! Though I’m faithful to another scent, you’ve made me curious 🙂

    Really loving your blog!

    • There is always a little room for Chanel. Thank you again so lovely to have you here.

      • Lovely to be here! I’ve always been partial to Chanel perfumes and have been wearing them since I was a young girl. No surprise that my first was the classic, Chanel N°5, but I quickly gravitated towards Chanel N°19, then Coco, and finally to my current scent—Allure. My love affair with Allure began when it was introduced in the 90s and continues to this day. Hmmm…makes me wonder after reading your last story—how would the Allure woman be defined?

      • The Allure woman….ah…yet another perfume to explore. I shall have to look into it.

  4. Lanier, Thankyou for the invitation to read your review ! U must be one of the lucky first to test this beauty, I like what I hear and see from your great words and story . I have owned all 4 of the allures and I’m rationing a bottle of egoiste and anteaus has come and gone from my loot a few times now , I think chanel does a fine job on fragrance, thou blue was not to my taste. I really want this just for the bottle as its so classic and is highly recognizable as Chanel ! I’m sure I am in a long line with other bottle whores ! I have u book marked and would love to read and visit often !! Thankyou for having me 😉

    • You are most welcome sinner man. So happy to have you here. Yes I was very lucky to get an early sample thanks to undina. I want the Coco Noir bottle too. It is just so beautiful.

  5. Reblogged this on hisandhersfragrances.

  6. I LOVE IT Lanier, thanks for sending me here to cheer me up. You paint the most glamorous, romantic scenes, it’s like an instant escape and you can see, hear smell and feel it all. I need a new little black dress….

    • Natalee I love your avatar. Jean Harlow was so wonderful and full of life…just like you. I am so happy I could cheer you up. Now go get that little black dress on your next outing with Ada.

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