Grace Kelly and Cary Grant casually tearing along in a sporty convertible along the cliffs above Cannes in “To Catch A Thief”.

One lovely gloved hand of Miss Kelly lightly caressing the steering wheel at sixty miles an hour; is there anything more alluring or jam packed with high voltage glamour and seduction?

This is the epitome of what we think of as classic French Rivera high octane sophisticated élan. The lifestyle of the rich and famous before Robin Leach leached the soul out of it.

   There still remains an inkling of this lost allure within the elegantly crafted bottle of Faconnable for Men. One spray of this elixir of masculine elegance and you are transported to the south of France. It is twilight cocktails on the terrace of the Casino at Monte Carlo in a white Tux, a swim out to the float of the beach of the Carleton Hotel. It is the grand staircase and red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. It is serious as a high stakes game of Baccarat and as much fun as fireworks after midnight with a barefoot bejewled movie star at your side.

It opens bright and arrestingly with its well chosen top notes of mint, orange blossom and mandarin orange that does give it a smell of a well made martini.  That dissipates quickly into a lush intoxicating Mediterranean garden of jasmine geranium and rose. Toward the end of the middle Sandalwood announces the dry down followed shortly by rich amber and an ethereal musk that whirl seductively around the sandalwood in a smoky slinky dance. It lasted all night on my skin and I awoke The next morning with traces of the dry down still in evidence.


Now listen boys, this one is for grown ups! Faconnable for Men is too subtle and complex for simpler younger tastes unless you are a young man who really wants to stand apart as original, daring and smart. In that case welcome to the world of men of confidence, wit, grace and disarming charm.

5 Platinum stars *****


  1. Sounds quite lovely. I enjoy your reviews and vignettes so much, Lanier!

    • Merci Madame! It is quite lovely. Faconnable has an interesting history. A small tailor shop in Nice, France in the early 1950’s, it was founded by Jean Goldberg. As the Cannes Film Festival grew in the early 50’s the shop was discovered by Hollywood stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant visiting for the festival. They began to wear his designs and introduced this house to the world. The rest is fashion history. Faconnable has stores in major cities and I must say the one in San Francisco is delightful and the staff is exceptional.

  2. Beautiful post! And thanks for the tribute to Grace Kelly , the unforgettable Grace of Monaco, who passed away 30 years ago…

  3. Very nice article. I loved that movie. Grace Kelly is so beautiful. Little did she know when she was filmed driving the treacherous hair pin curves of the South of France, that she would have a tragic accident decades later.

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