DANGEROUS WHEN WET ~ Bijan Black for Men

Arid heat of Los Angeles intensifies the fragrant gardens of Beverly Hills…everything is an olfactory Technicolor. in the evening after the sun has slipped into the sea beyond Malibu and the air cools to a balmy comfort you can detect the scent of pine from the mountains north of the city. This mixes with the hot flowers and a touch of carbon monoxide to create a mysterious noir effect …

It all becomes Chandleresque. anything could happen and it usually does beginning with a dame. Curves ahead, dangerous when wet!


Bijan Black for Men is very much like this….a hot cinematically dramatic opening of orange blossoms, lavender and bergamot then its sun slides beneath the waves and you are left with a lazy blend of roses and pine and sweet vanilla. This lush complementary blending of notes I find quite satisfying.

The only disappointment for me is how short lived this fragrance is on my skin. My chemistry seems to drink it up like the evaporating water from a concrete sidewalk on a hot day. For me the dry down just drops off into nothing.

It says very close to the skin and is rather magnetic in its effect on others, so while it is working it is very nice.

Four Solid Gold Stars ****


  1. I love reading your reviews, Lanier. This scent sounds intriguing. And the Bijan donut bottle. Is it gauche for women to wear men’s fragrances?

    • Mon Cher! But of course it is not gauche for women to wear men’s fragrances. “Pour monsieur” et “pour femme” was only inventing in the early 20th century. Before that everyone wore what every perfume they liked. My feeling is that in this time and place in history you should wear what you love, what speaks to you and conveys your style, being and inevitable charm. So Madame go out there in the world and smell wondrous!

      • Merci monsieur! I love that you know about the history of fragrance too, that makes your site even MORE interesting!

      • It is true that those distinctions were in fact introduced to encourage men to buy fragrance. Till then it was a habit for the esthetes but a way to attract the newly formed middle class to the business had to be invented. “Pour homme” was just a way to tell men that they are welcome to the business.

      • And that makes perfect business sense.

  2. Bijan seems to be a very controversial brand. The fact that you can find them dirt cheap online and they have ridiculously high pricetags in the official site does not really help. But I find them really interesting. I haven’t tried this one but I own Nude which seems to be getting the worst reviews of them all and I really enjoy it. I get a geosmine note from it that is quite rare in mainstream perfumes. Thanks for introducing this one.

    • I have Nude too and I love it . There will be a review coming on that shortly. I didn’t know there was such a big price difference between the official site and other perfume sale sites. Interesting.

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