KRYSTLE: Oh Blake… (She hesitates looking pensive, almost innocent and above all feeling unworthy of her new luxurious surroundings)  I can’t believe I am here, that we are going to be married.

Blake Carrington moves to her side and takes her in his arms.

BLAKE: “My Darling Krystle …”

A red Ferrari wheels at top speed into the Carrington dive and comes to a jarring stop spraying gravel onto the porch of the mansion. A woman with over padded shoulders and a huge picture hat (that obscures her features) emerges with urgent grace and impeccable style from the automobile. She flings open the front door, pushes the butler Joseph aside and marches down the hall to the Library.

The Library door slams open. Blake and Krystle startled from their kiss break apart and turn to see…


Ah, the power fragrances of the 80’s. This was the decade that gave birth to the Celebrity fragrance and a few  fictional character scents as well.  The most famous being  Carrington. How did I miss this one? Maybe I was lucky that I did.

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