Thank god for the French, for the need for perfume that developed at Versailles to mask the odors of the over powdered and under washed pre-revolution court of several King Louis.

And thank god for Grasse. These three elements, France, Versailles and Grasse are invaluable to the world of perfume. This, Molinard Homme II is one of the pinnacles of French perfume. It is so incredibly complex and luxe. Rich and frothy vanilla, sharp tangy juniper berries, and rich thickly luxurious gold honey are the major notes I pick up right away. The bourbon vanilla and the honey come up from the base notes and never fade throughout the entire life of the fragrance. All the other notes are more or less a rising and falling Greek chorus that tells the back story to this utterly enjoyable scent. But at center stage though out its performance are the stars of the show, vanilla, juniper and honey.


The 163 year old house of Molinard in Grasse France is famous world wide for some incredible creations. This particular scent was created in 1996 but it seems timeless and new yet speaks of classic masculine fragrances of the past. It is the history of French fragrance in a milk glass bottle. (The bottle by the way is stunningly simple white milk glass with the notes listed in red on the back in French).

Wear this and you are transported to the Hall of Mirrors in Chateau Versailles flirting with some impossibly seductive courtesan, to the Opera house in the center of Paris on opening night of Les Troyens. Splash a little on your wrist and you will find yourself at Maxim’s with your cigar being lit by Collette. A little behind the ears and you will be drinking champagne from the slipper of Jane Avril at Moulin Rouge.


Or you may find yourself climbing the stairs up to Sacré-Cœur at dawn with a sparkling flapper. A little spritz on the collarbone and you are toasting the glorious fireworks at the Exposition Universelle from atop the newly opened la Tour Eiffel, or just off the 747 at Charles de Gaulle Airport for your first visit to France. It is all here in this wonderful timeless magical mystery tour of Molinard Homme II. I can’t wait to try I and III!


The silage is very good and it projects well at about five feet. Last a good 8 to 9 hours on my skin and it elicits brilliant responses from those who were moved to comment on it.  A real find at an incredibly reasonable cost, this is a masterwork of French Perfumery.

(My bottle of Grasse heaven)


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