NOT TONIGHT ~ I HAVE A ROYAL HEADACHE! ~ Eau de Cologne Imperiale Guerlain

When  I think of Eau de Cologne Imperiale Guerlain, which was created for the Empress  Eugenie of France to cure her headaches, I am reminded of the remarkably  beautiful Loretta Young who played her in the 1938 film “Suez”. I saw that film  one rainy afternoon on T.V. when I was a kid and her ethereal beauty in  ravishing hoop skirts (Which the empress poularized in the 1860’s) arrested my  imagination. I never forgot her.


To  think that this perfume has endured for 152 years is amazing. Once I tried it  for myself, I found it entrancing as a waltz with the Empress Eugenie herself.  It is definitely a uni-sex fragrance that is light and refreshing. This is a  REAL Citrus Eau de Cologne in the most classic sense, and not at all complex but  rather straight forward linear in its olfactory performance. Even with its  romantic history I would not classify it as romantic heavy hitter perfume but  rather a practical everyday down to earth citrus. Bright and pleasing all around  with a good projection and I would say short to medium longevity.

It  is not for everyone but rather for those interested in collecting something  historic with a romantic story behind it. And, the bottle is beautiful!

Four  gold stars ****

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