BOOGIE NIGHTS ~ Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui

Summer 1980 New York, Studio 54. They are all there. Bianca, Bowie, Liza, Liz,  Halston and Warhol, in the mad coked up swirl of the beginning of the decade of decadence and greed. It was the age of heedless glamour, big shoulders and bigger hair. And in the center of it all was the Big Fragrance. There was none bigger perhaps than Pour Lui by Oscar De La Renta. Bold, emphatically rich and a little gaudy. I am happy to say it still holds on to the night like no other and dances till dawn in crystalline abandon.

If you want to funk the night way like Sylvester, this is your fragrance. There are so many notes it is a wonder that it doesn’t explode under the pressure. Okay I am making a little fun of poor Pour Lui but how can you not enjoy and wink at something so audacious and fun as this fragrance. It is pure late night glamour with enough power to ignite a bonfire of the vanities.

And like MisterCrazyLegs over at Fragantica says there is something of the vampire in this bottle. A few sprays of this love at first bite elixir and you are set for a fabulous night out at a retro disco with the creatures of the night. Bring your sunglasses, you will need them when the sun comes up and you are still rocking this magnificent classic.

Five Gold Stars *****

(Kate Harrington, Truman Capote, Gloria Swanson at Studio 54)

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