A Very Important Perfume ~ SILVER SHADOW DAVIDOFF

When ever I hear the two words Silver and Shadow put together I remember that wonderful Rolls Royce in the opening of “The VIPs”. Paul and Francis Andros are riding in the back of a Rolls from where their private helicopter has just touched down on the Heathrow tarmac. It is but a short trip from the helicopter to the sleek and modern main terminal but even this transit is done in high style. The beautiful and slightly hung over Francis is planning to fly off to Bermuda with international slightly shopworn over the hill playboy Marc Champselle leaving Billionaire tycoon husband Paul Andros in the lurch. In the back of the Silver Shadow Paul Andros unaware that his wife is leaving him gives her a parting Bulgari bracelet; it is a trifling little platinum and sapphire nothing bauble really.

Later in the film as he takes his leave of her he whispers:

“I hope the rubies were a success?”

“Rubies?” she says in the most innocent yet biting way. Confronted yet again with the fact that he is too high-powered to have bothered to pick out his parting present for her himself.  Somehow it all seems incredibly extravagant, luxe and as if it might have really happened in the real life of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Silver Shadow by Davidoff is just as extravagant, luxe and rich as anything you might see in that film. Let’s just say it is a bit of a Rolls Royce in a bottle at a Chevy price.   It is resplendent in its Orientals, sturdy in its wood accords and beauteous in its presentation.

The flacon is pure top of the line elegance. It is architectural with a rather deco feel and look to it.  The substantial cap that clicks like it was sterling is really impressive. The juice within this ravishing bottle is nearly perfect. The bitter orange it what hits you first in the opening but fades almost instantaneously into the cedar and coriander. This lasts maybe a good ten minutes before the heart of the elixir is released. Oriental splendors abound in the heady yet never cloying display of patchouli, saffron and clove. This is what makes it smell so incredibly expensive. The dry down is equally elegant and refined in the notes of Oakmoss, benzoin, cinnamon and an affluent amber that holds and holds.  It has a stunning projection and lasts a substantial 6 hours.  It is so incredibly warm and comforting like a snug den in a gentleman’s club or the cozy formal comfort of the back seat of a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.


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