NAKED DESIRE ~ Nude for Men by Bijan



Spanish Gardenias released their magic at midnight in a garden in Madrid, fragrant with the promise of illicit love.  The pale ginger moon of Spain hung just above the horizon in a sky of velvet indigo. Doña Sol des Muire strumed her guitar and watched Juan Gallardo asleep in a chair near the fountain.   Beyond the patio arches the flowers of garden  permeated the air with an invisible note of seduction just as Doña Sol began her song to the sleeping matador.


    Her voice filled the night with a song of a green moon and bad luck. Her song she told the sleeping Juan that even though she wants him she can not love him. She warned  him in her melodic voice  that to love her is to tumble into damnation and death. His passion for her in the evening will surely lead to his death in the afternoon. The unconscious Juan heard none of it, and if he were awake he would not have believed a word of her song, for he was already ensnared as she wound  him within her silken web of longing in the garden of the Spanish gardenias.


With one last flourish of her read lacquered nails over the guitar strings her song was finished. A cool and distant smile came to her lips as she looked down at Juan and contemplated his fate that was her destiny.


From a dark corner of the garden a voice spoke very low and soft.

“That’s it Rita, hold that look. Good…..good…… CUT. That’s a wrap.”

Tyrone Power opened one eye and smiled up at Rita Hayworth. She lent down to him and her Titian hair tumbled forward, she tweaked his nose and laughed.

In an hour the set was deserted and only the work light in the center of the stage glowed as a ghost.  Just as midnight came over the sound stage the paper flowers in the fake garden stirred to sudden life, the silk gardenias pumped the stale atmosphere full of magic and from somewhere in the darkness a phantom guitar strumed Verde Luna.

Bijan Nude for men has within its juice, an old Hollywood feel of glamour. The woody floral musk is something that Tyrone Power or Errol Flynn might have worn on a night out at Ciro’s or the Coconut Grove. Here the blending of Musk, with citrus, woods, amber and gardenia works very well to create an ambiance of male sexuality and quiet power.  The white flower scent of the gardenia is muted by the woods in the opening giving it a smooth masculinity you don’t often find from gardenia perfumes. As it progresses the citrus notes warm it up a bit bringing in a warm summer evening feeling. You could be in Spain, or in Southern California, it is a Mediterranean feeling that comes with the citrus. The dry down is even warmer and rather cozy thanks to the solid musk and amber blending into the perfume. Nude is noteworthy and memorable.


Released in 2007 Bijan Nude an insinuatingly subtle masculine perfume that works well for me, I would even say it has a romantic feeling about it. There is a good projection and lasts on my skin a good six to seven hours. Nude is very inexpensive and proves that a good perfume can come at a reasonable price.

Nude is a head turner in the best way. On several occasions I have been asked. “What is that wonderful scent you are wearing?”

“Nude” I say with a cool and distant smile. “I am wearing nothing but Nude.”



DANGEROUS WHEN WET ~ Bijan Black for Men

Arid heat of Los Angeles intensifies the fragrant gardens of Beverly Hills…everything is an olfactory Technicolor. in the evening after the sun has slipped into the sea beyond Malibu and the air cools to a balmy comfort you can detect the scent of pine from the mountains north of the city. This mixes with the hot flowers and a touch of carbon monoxide to create a mysterious noir effect …

It all becomes Chandleresque. anything could happen and it usually does beginning with a dame. Curves ahead, dangerous when wet!


Bijan Black for Men is very much like this….a hot cinematically dramatic opening of orange blossoms, lavender and bergamot then its sun slides beneath the waves and you are left with a lazy blend of roses and pine and sweet vanilla. This lush complementary blending of notes I find quite satisfying.

The only disappointment for me is how short lived this fragrance is on my skin. My chemistry seems to drink it up like the evaporating water from a concrete sidewalk on a hot day. For me the dry down just drops off into nothing.

It says very close to the skin and is rather magnetic in its effect on others, so while it is working it is very nice.

Four Solid Gold Stars ****

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