DIRTY LITTLE SINS ~ It’s In His Kiss by Vickie Lester


Stepping away from Perfume for a moment and into Memories of Hollywood past and present.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Beguiling Hollywood by Vickie Lester. If you love Hollywood history, Los Angeles architecture and great stories about the ins and outs of the Dream Machine you will fall in love with her blog.  Miss Lester published her fist novel about the city we both love in May 2014. Well it took me some time to get to it but it was well worth it.


In the movies murder is clean and easy. They never show the scum and the blood. But when it happens in tensile town it’s about a cheap and dirty as it gets. There are many sins in Hollywood, dirty little sins.

In her first novel Vickie Lester spins an L.A. Noir with more curves than Lana Turner ever had. Packed with more danger than Mulholland Drive in a blinding rainstorm, “It’s In His Kiss” is a killer of a read that peels way the glamour and myth and reveals Hollywood’s dirty little sins.

Fast paced, well written and jam packed with a cast of unforgettable Hollywood characters that are so real you can almost guess who they just might be in real life. It is a case of murder and deception that transforms the reel into real.


I took my time reading this one because it was simply so delicious. I loved the spunk and courage in the main character Anne Brown, who was born into this world of make believe and finds that love, sex and lies make a dangerous cocktail, a cocktail too many including her father and uncle know too well.  Her journey to solve a very personal murder is a story of self discovery as well as a who done it. That added an unexpected layer of complexity to the story that I very much enjoyed.

Each chapter is named with a song title that ties in delightfully with the tale. That was a real treat. Great characterizations replete with juicy back stories help to propel Anne and us thought the mystery.

The ending of “It’s In His Kiss” is brilliant and so surprising. Let’s just say, all my dreams came true in the end.  Enough said about that. Just read it.


(click on the book cover for the book at Amazon)

I am looking forward to more from Vickie Lester, a new voice from the dream factory that is Hollywood. But in the meantime I can get my Hollywood history fix from her great blog Beguiling Hollywood at WordPress.

Here’s looking at you Kid!

author-vickielester-com BW

Vickie Lester



Hello darlings! This is Heddy Hooper coming to you from Hollywood with all the latest dirt! And the dirt is flying all over town this morning and I am not talking about that infamous mud bath fight at Black’s Fifth Avenue between Mamie Van Vooren and Lana Gardner over shared ex-husband Paul Brando.


I was having lunch at the Poison Ivy on Robertson yesterday. Did I say Lunch? Darlings it was more like Brunch I got there sooo late. I stayed up way past my beddy bye time Friday night trying to crash George Looney’s bachelor party at Nero’s but that is another story.


So there I was darlings sitting outside at my usual table along the white picket fence just  behind the Maitre’D stand (that way I see EVERYTHING and Charles the Maitre’D who I call the major domo of dirt fills me in on just who had what lifted, sucked out or simply scotch taped as they walk in.)


Anyway darlings who should come staggering in on the arm of a much, much younger man but Imperium International star Ava Turner. Talk about reinvention, no strike that, reconstruction. The ex-Mrs. Richard Bourbon (Remember how great they were together in TheMGMKid’s massive “Cleopatra” just five years ago?) looking decidedly less top heavy.


Ava avoided my frantic waves to join me with her latest bore-toy and found a place in the sun on the other side of the patio. When the Maitre’D returned from seating her and possible husband number thirteen I grabbed his arm, “She looks so slim and trim.” Charlie told me what was up with that, Ava has always been battling the bulge and it has always been up top! Remember how her pallonchini seemed to expand and deflate in Cleo? Well darlings Miss T. had her girls reduced! The first time I ever heard of that in Hollywood. Charlie told me that, “Most of the studios are run by Boobs, but in Ava’s case her boobs built Imperium International.”


Speaking of Imperium I ran into the retired studio chief TheMGMkid aka Lanier Smith He is mad about perfume these says and is youtubering all over the place as well as writing his blog (I just can not keep up with all this social media, it’s worse than when Televison came in!) Check out his latest glam-review right here!


TheMGMKid and I bumped heads over a bottle of Summer Rain at the perfume counter at Blacks (I was all out of my favorite perfume, Summer Rain. MGM says it’s cheap and vulgar, but darlings that’s so me! ). I asked him what he is up to these days now that he runs a blog instead of a Major Hollywood Studio. Well darlings He was frothing at the mouth with excitement over a new first novel just about to hit the stores by none other than blogging bombshell Vickie Lester! You know her darlings; she has that mesmeric Beguiling Hollywood blog every one is raving about. Talk about DIRT, I should go to her for my stories.


The book due out next month is called IT”S IN HIS KISS. The Kid, Lanier gave me a sneak peek saying he was thinking of coming back to the studio to make a picture from Miss Lester’s tome de l’incroyable!  You will never guess what it is all about darlings. Our favorite subject, the life blood of our lives, and the inter sanctum of our souls, HOLLYWOOD!


   Now I don’t want to spoil a moment of the book for you (Or the movie if you, like me can barely read) but I will say it starts off with in Palm Springs, and a dead body!  Sound like the end of one of Ty Montgomery’s pot parties, I know! But believe me darlings it is so much better. I can’t put the damn thing down long enough to change my girdle! So keep your eyes peeled in June for the release of IT’S IN HIS KISS on Amazon. You won’t regret it darlings!




That’s it for now my dear readers, so until next time darlings, remember; if the dirt is flying in Hollywood I’ll be there with my catcher’s mitt!



(I did all the voices!) 


GO TO “L” ~ For the Beguiling Vickie Lester.


Esther: (Walks up to the pay window on the studio lot) Paycheck for Esther Blodgett please.

Paymaster: “Go to “L””

Esther: Now wait a minute!

Paymaster: You’re new here right? You got a new name, you’re Vickie Lester, V. I. C. K. I. E.   L. E. S. T. E. R. Got it? Go to the window marked “L”.


Esther: (walking way she tries the name on) Vickie Lester? Vickie …Lester. (It’s a fit) Vickie Lester!

I was only four years old when A Star Is Born staring Judy Garland premiered at the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Blvd. I don’t remember the locally televised premier when I lived in that hell hole of a town outside of Los Angeles, called Fontana. I don’t remember going to see it at the movies either. What I do remember is seeing the film and falling in love with it at nine when it was played every night for a week on the Million Dollar Movie. It was all about Hollywood, that mythical place just 50 miles to the west. That place that I wanted to be, not where I was, wedged between Kaiser Steel and the stinking chicken ranches. Which ever way the wind blew…it smelled like rotten eggs.


Each night when the Million Dollar Movie came on at eight p.m. and the great Warner Brothers logo appeared on the tiny black and white television, I was there pushing my imagination inside that t.v. tube to another universe. The WB faded to reveal the night lit diamonds scattered below the Hollywood hills that made up my dreams, and as the searchlights twinkled on and the orchestra swelled I knew I was going to see a real movie about an unreal place. And then there was her, the star being born night after night and that song, a song that has followed me all my life.

(Outtake of That Song)

That was the first time I heard the name Vickie Lester and over the years that passed since that spring of 1960, through war and assassination, protest and peace, disco and the devastation that is AIDS, and the man that got away her story and music have been with me. As the years piled up my Hollywood dreams were put away but whenever Vickie Lester showed up on the screen they were dusted off and tried on of a few hours of dreaming. What I never imagined was that one day I would meet Vickie and she would turn out to be more wonderful than in the Movies.


When I was just beginning my blog I surfed around to find other blogs that might be of interest to follow. One day I happened upon Beguiling Hollywood by Vickie Lester. Vickie Lester! At once I knew that anyone who would write under that nom de plume had to have a great sense of humor. Then to my delight I discovered that not only did she have a great sense of humor but she was a Hollywood history buff, a lover of the eclectic electrically exciting architecture of Southern California and a great, great writer and storyteller.  And most fun of all, being an insider in that town of make-up and make believe she had stories. She knows the dirt and how to dish it veiled just enough to keep her audience guessing. “Did that really happen?”  She won’t say for sure, and neither will I.

In time and over many posts and then a phone call or two and finally a visit to her home on a very Mildred Pierce street in Los Angeles we became friends. So close in fact that I call her Sis and she calls her big brother. It is a friendship forged by dreams and elevated by mutual admiration and a great recognition of souls and love.

Today is Vickie Lester’s Birthday and I would like to share with you this hope. The hope that for each of you a star has been born somewhere out there in the world where dreams really do come true, some one you can always call a dear and beloved friend. A special someone who is better and more exciting than any movie star in the firmament of the Hollywood heavens, someone like Vickie Lester.

Happy Birthday Sis…

Me and Vickie Lester

(Vickie Lester and Lanier Smith smelling wildflowers in the Hollywood Hills. Photographed by Lane Tibbs.)

Please do visit Vickie Lester’s blog Beguiling Hollywood


And her novel It’s In His Kiss comes out in June!!


(Times Square 1954)

AN ANNIVERSARY ~ Scents Memory Celebrates!

happy birthday chanel

Well can you believe it? Scents Memory has been up and running for a whole year now. My Paper Anniversary. I want to thank all my 163 readers for following along on my olfactory journey.  It has been so much fun and work and then fun again and we will be going on to more reviews and assorted memories in the future.

However, it is Summer here in San Francisco so that means time to bundle up and put some logs on the fire and take a bit of a vacation.  So for the next few weeks I will be off doing some rest and recuperation and charging my creative batteries. So in the meantime check out some of my blog links for some good reading. Everything from Victoria Gent up in Sunny Seattle on EauMG though the delightful musings of Portia and the gang down south in Sydney at The Australian Perfume Junkies and of course my darling Vickie Lester at Beguiling Hollywood. And no blog jog would be complete without a pop over to London to for tea and a chat with The Perfumed Dandy. And for you fashionistas please check out Garance Dorés delightful blog and her husband Scott at his blog The Sartorialist.  There are lots more to check out so just look to your right and scroll down for more links.

So for now a nice warm scented bath and then off I sail in my barge of gold for my little stay at home vacation.

  See you all in a few weeks!

Love Always,




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