DIRTY LITTLE SINS ~ It’s In His Kiss by Vickie Lester


Stepping away from Perfume for a moment and into Memories of Hollywood past and present.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Beguiling Hollywood by Vickie Lester. If you love Hollywood history, Los Angeles architecture and great stories about the ins and outs of the Dream Machine you will fall in love with her blog.  Miss Lester published her fist novel about the city we both love in May 2014. Well it took me some time to get to it but it was well worth it.


In the movies murder is clean and easy. They never show the scum and the blood. But when it happens in tensile town it’s about a cheap and dirty as it gets. There are many sins in Hollywood, dirty little sins.

In her first novel Vickie Lester spins an L.A. Noir with more curves than Lana Turner ever had. Packed with more danger than Mulholland Drive in a blinding rainstorm, “It’s In His Kiss” is a killer of a read that peels way the glamour and myth and reveals Hollywood’s dirty little sins.

Fast paced, well written and jam packed with a cast of unforgettable Hollywood characters that are so real you can almost guess who they just might be in real life. It is a case of murder and deception that transforms the reel into real.


I took my time reading this one because it was simply so delicious. I loved the spunk and courage in the main character Anne Brown, who was born into this world of make believe and finds that love, sex and lies make a dangerous cocktail, a cocktail too many including her father and uncle know too well.  Her journey to solve a very personal murder is a story of self discovery as well as a who done it. That added an unexpected layer of complexity to the story that I very much enjoyed.

Each chapter is named with a song title that ties in delightfully with the tale. That was a real treat. Great characterizations replete with juicy back stories help to propel Anne and us thought the mystery.

The ending of “It’s In His Kiss” is brilliant and so surprising. Let’s just say, all my dreams came true in the end.  Enough said about that. Just read it.


(click on the book cover for the book at Amazon)

I am looking forward to more from Vickie Lester, a new voice from the dream factory that is Hollywood. But in the meantime I can get my Hollywood history fix from her great blog Beguiling Hollywood at WordPress.

Here’s looking at you Kid!

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Vickie Lester


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I love Hollywood history. Do you listen to the You Must Remember This podcast by the way??

    • No I haven’t listened to it. But I am going to now!! Thanks.

  2. I loved every minute of this great read!

    • Mary, tell Mr. Smith to keep you posted, but let’s plan on having tea together in S.F. (sometime in October).

  3. “Spunk and courage with more curves than Lana Turner.” This looks like the perfect summertime read. I’m off now to score of copy. Brilliant review.

    • After reading this review I’ve decided to write Lanier into the next novel! Hope you enjoy the book. xox, V

      • OH boy I am going to be in a Vickie Lester Picture…I mean novel! Yee Haw!

      • A novel with Lanier? Fabulous!! (I’m saving your book for my trip to the seashore. Beautiful cover!) ~Theadora

      • Have a wonderful time! That photo of the palm trees on the cover was taken from the roof of my house 😉 . It should be a novel about Lanier, but maybe the next one.

      • Thanks!!

    • Thanks Theadora… Get the book you will love it! I cried, I laughed, I cried again, laughed again and then had a Martini.

  4. Oh, you really did this fabulous read right!! Perfecly, perfectly said. But unlike you I RACED through it – I couldn’t help myself! All the better then to go back and reread it which I already have done once and no doubt will do again…

    • You are an angel! Hopefully I will have a brand new read for you by Christmas. xox, V

    • Sending you a great big hug Heather. xoxo

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  6. And speaking of angels, I do believe glimmering above your halo I see the word “guardian”… Thank you, V

    • I love you Miss Lester…you can barrow my angel anytime. He has two wings …one for me and one for you. xoxo

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