“UN-SHINED SHOES ARE THE END OF CIVILIZATION!” Diana Vreeland ~ DV Perfume Launch at Neiman Marcus.


You better believe I had my new shoes polished to within an inch of blinding the populace when I went today to Neiman Marcus for the launch of Diana Vreeland Perfumes. It was an amazing event hosted by Tony Mendez the rep for the line at Neimans. He pulled out all the stops as you will see in the video. The documentary on Mrs. Vreeland “The Eye Has To Travel” was even running on a widescreen television. Well it was Absolutely Marvelous!


 My review of the perfume I chose from the line will be up later this weekend. But in the meantime, won’t you join me?



  1. Nice, Lanier. What a lovely event, all that red! and the DV biography is superb reading.
    I confess to barely supressing a smile of delight en route to these adventures of yours, and always learning in the process.
    I must add that there is something very touching that you do consistantly. And that is, that you provide the most comfortable entre into the superbly posh environs of extraordinary lives and places. There is never a sense from you of the forbidden, its always welcoming, as it should be. Bravo for being so classy.

    • Thank you! Well, we are all just people and it’s all about telling a story. Everyone is welcome to story time.

  2. I think I could see my face in the glow of your shoes! Lovely day…

    • Yes I was beaming wasn’t I Mary? I am so happy you were there too!

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