PERFUME IS STYLE, IT IS VITAL! ~ Vreeland Perfumes Launch & The New Houbigant Perfume!

dianavreelandmemos_p122October 14, 2014 …Mark your CALENDAR! Here in San Francisco the official launch for the Diana Vreeland line is happening at Neiman Marcus Union Square. Alexander Vreeland founder of the perfume line and grandson of Mrs. Vreeland will be in attendance. D.V. ambassador, Tony Mendez will be our host and he has planed for us a fabulous afternoon under the dome at Neimans.


But hold on to your atomizers! there is more going on in our beautiful city by the Bay.  October 11 at Neimans Michal Gazinski will be presenting the gorgeous new Houbigant perfume Iris des Champs. This  stunner is a real show stopper and sure to be a hit with an adoring perfume loving public. So if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area do pop in for both events. As we tumble into Fall the most glamorous perfumes of the year are making their entrance.

Here in my video review I talk more about these perfumes and the events as well as a marvelous fragrant dinner I attended with with a wonderful group of perfume creators and lovers which for a lack of a name I call the San Francisco Perfume Salon.




  1. Reading Chandler Burr’s “The Perfect Scent”, and suddenly I get what musk is! Iris des Champs, gorgeous…

    • Isn’t that a Wonderful Book!! My favorite part is where he gives thumbnail descriptions of each perfumer he has met! I loved that!

      • And, we HAVE to go sniff the perfumes of The Different Company, really, really curious about those scents. You know what I loved? Finding out that musk is what gives laundry detergent its “clean scent”.

      • Oh yes…musk is anything but musty!

  2. Can’t wait! Wish I would be here for Houbigant launch. Did I miss the time on the 14th for DV?

    • Mary the only information I have a the moment is “Sometime after noon.” I will keep you posted.

  3. A lovely treat as toujours. Wonderful mix of colors, the cream and rose to red, fading SF night sky through the window, the turquoise liquid. I lean into the screen for your tutorial reviews, near able to pick up the described scents. I loved the way you introduced Vreeland’s formidable presence in the letters and thoughts, the photographs, one of my favorite people and you are right to weave her into this new launch. She always struck me as someone so pleased to be alive and surrounded by and making gorgeous things. Best of everything on the day of the noses.

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