ARRANGE TO BE BORN IN PARIS! ~ Diana Vreeland Perfumes!


For those of you who don’t know, yes I have a YouTube review channel. (One wonders, What won’t he NOT stoop too?) In any case here is my take on the just released perfumes by Alexander Vreeland of the new Perfume line Diana Vreeland.  Something more in depth is bound to show up here on the blog in a week or so as I get to know these (3 out of the 5) better. In the meantime enjoy my rambling and endless ums and ahs.




  1. That was a total delight, Lanier; imagine I am hearing scents from your lovely petit film! I’ve loved Diana Vreeland forever, one of those robust, wide lives. Thinking of the dearly too soon departed Joan Rivers, you may not be able to pick your arrival (Paris!) but you can orchestrate your au revoir.
    I know this is cheeky of me, about the film you made above, may I say… 1…..Good to see more of your face than other shadowed cap-top tours…2…Could you print up somewhere the name repeated as you say it of the fragrance, seeing words helps the memory, your enthusiastic descriptions were wonderful… bottles! I am a total sucker for gorgeous packaging. I know you must be too, hearing how enthralled you are by this new collection and I was totally engaged in the last especially. The Lalique bottles used by Guerlain, Lancome, who knows else, are thrilling, and I imagine Vreeland did as well. I’d love to know them when I see them.
    But most of all, thank you for this lovely tribute to a remarkable individual. She was outstanding. I don’t know if Shaiparelli (sp?) did any frangrances, or if they knew each other and got along, but I think of them equally somehow, and in constant flight.
    Lovely job, thanks for the introduction to a name that should not be forgotten, and spledid to think of her living on in aromas.

    • The fragrances are Absolutely Vital, Simply Divine, Outrageously Vibrant, Perfectly Marvelous, and Extravigance Russe. Here is a link to the web site where you can see all the amazing bottles… I have only the samples for now in little plan testers.
      You will have to come up to The City sometime and check them out in person. Ask for Tony at the Fragrance counter that is in front of the Guerlain boutique. Have FUN!

      • This is lovely of you, what incredible names, hoorah Vreeland! I looked at the link, and it’s gorgeous. Thank you so much, and yes, trip to The City long overdue.

  2. Good morning. Loved your youtube review. I was going to pass these DV fragrances by, but the Simply Divine really sounds wonderful. I will definitely have to test that one. I really liked your history of Diana Vreeland’s life. That was very helpful in getting a sense of her and the person behind the perfumed tributes.

    • Ricky thank you! I feel that passing Diana Vreeland by would be a shame. So I am thrilled that I have helped you to stop and smell them. The are, well, simply divine!

  3. It’s great Lanier! An interesting and capturing evolution of your wonderful and passionate work!

    • Ciao Roberto~! Thank you so much. This complement from you is indeed special.


  5. What a lovely video review, very thorough and fun!

    I tried Perfectly Marvelous on a card today in Printemps Paris and I really love it. As you say, it takes you to another, more elegant, era. I find it enchanting, but also positive and uplifting.

    I will have to go back and try the other two you recommended!

    • Thank you so very much Nathan. Be safe in Paris my friend… so let me know what you think of the other Diana Vreelands.

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