In the heart of San Francisco there is a vibrant, exciting on trend neighborhood, the Mission District. It is young, hip and along Valencia Street you can feel the eclectic vibrancy of this revived part of the old Latino area, the oldest part of San Francisco where the Spanish founded our city in 1776 as Yerba Buena. As Hilary Rayvis Randall, Mario Gomez and I sat having an amazing Puerto Rican dinner at Parada 22 Pop Up on the corner of Valencia and 22nd Street an anticipatory thrill was in the air. The three of us were about to embark upon an olfactory fairytale of fun and magic at Tigerlily. The one and only Antonia Kohl’s fabulous perfumery located at Love & Luxe just half a block away. That little half block walk from Parada 22 takes your imagination past the second star on the right and straight on till morning.


    This evenings Salon was all about new works by four Bay Area perfumer houses.   Mikmoi, L’Aromatica, Bruno Fazzolari and Cognoscenti. We hit the evening event at just before eight and were immediately welcome by our mistress of magic Antonia who made sure we were supplied with cocktails invented just for the salon. I went with a bright and light Vesper Fizz which was delicious and inspired by Mikmoi’s wonderful Vesper perfume. As we circulated among the glitterati of scent in attendance there was much to see and even more to put your nose to. Mik of Mikmoi was introducing his new line Elements of Escape; Bruno had his newest perfume which nearly stole my heart over my favorite by him, Au Delà. The wonderful Dannielle Sergent also was presenting her line and her newest addition to her house. And finally a new face to me was the lovely Loreto Remsing of l’aromatica. Her presentation is a wonderful line of seventeen handcrafted botanical fragrances that come both in oil roll on and alcohol based perfume. And of course we were surrounded by the beautiful jewelry of Love and Luxe.

Over the course of the evening I was able to smell perfumes from each line and chat with all the perfumers. Danielle was very excited to tell me all about the wonderful aldehyde and oakmoss that is No.8. Bruno and I got a chance to catch up as I re-explored his amazing art and perfume (a pioneer in the blending of fine art, painting and perfume) , Mik and his spouse Jasper took me through the new line. “Fire” was a wonderful Lapsang Souchong perfume and my favorite of the elements of his creation, and Loreto told me all about how she sources her ingredients. I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with any of these four artists as the evening was carried aloft on a magical carpet woven of incense, and roses.

1660313_1440852312817920_1366313711_nMik, Loreto Remsing, Bruno Fazzolari, and Danielle Sergent

(Photo borrowed from Tigerlily Perfumery)

About an hour into the event fellow blogger and YouTube reviewer Sebastian Jara and his partner showed up. We had the most wonderful time as I took them around and introduced them to all the perfumers and Antonia. We ran into perfume star Ineke and Bill O’Such. When I told Ineke that Sebastian had just returned from a month touring the perfumeries and shops of France she regaled us with her stories of her and Bill’s time in Paris when she studied perfumery and their adventure in perfume was born.

In the perfume corner we met up with Tama Blough the Deputy Editor of Ca Fleure Bon and she took us through much of the perfume stock. Zelda by En Voyage was amazing, very 1920’s glam. We got to smell the Tauer perfumes that have been added to Tigerlily and I came away with my very own bottle of a really luxe and lovely Grain du Soleil by Fragonard. An Amber perfume so soft and calming you can wear it anywhere anytime. It has a great vanilla dry down that is scrumptious.

By ten thirty the Cinderella evening drew much too soon to a close and each and every one of us who attended left with a promise to ourselves to return again to the magical and wonderful Tigerlily. This enchanted place in the Mission, where dreams are kept in bottles on a shelf waiting to be discovered and loved by you. To find Tigerlily just rembember, you turn right at the second star on the right and straight on till morning. You can’t miss it!










TIGERLILY IS LOCATED AT LOVE & LUXE BOUTIQUE 1169 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94110


  1. What a wonderful review and I love your video too!!! So well capturing the event and spirit. I am delighted to have been apart of it with you!

    • Mik it was so much fun! Thank you for being a perfume star and a friend.

  2. How wonderful that you now have this new perfumista palace in your hometown. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

    • We really are lucky here in San Francisco to have not only the big department stores but also venues like Tigerlily, ZGO, and Jacqueline Perfumes to shop at. If you ever come to town let me know and I will show you around!

  3. Oh Lanier! What a wonderful and graciously written post! You made me feel like I was right there with you all. I am so impressed with your video editing skills. Lovely to SEE you and HEAR what you sound like! Thank you again for sharing. xoxo!

  4. What a wonderful video recap of a luscious evening. It makes me giddy to watch it all the gaiety and festivities of Tiger Lily’s event! Must go check out Sebastian’s Man Loves Cologne.

    • We missed you Mary so much. Next Tigerlilly you have to be there. No excuses. Hugs.

  5. Was a great event, glad we went!! 🙂

    • The two of you were a highlight of the evening for me. It was so much fun all the way around. Top to bottom and side to side fragrant fun!

  6. Oh, my God … About the video? Just one word : Wonderful. Isn’t it about time for a campagne for you to change the photo of your alter-ego??? Very nice to hear scent speak/talk. Best wishes, Lanier. Success.

    • Jose you are so very kind and generous. Thank you my friend from beautiful Brazil!

  7. A night out with Lanier! I love it!

    • Oh golly I wish I had you in my pocket for the evening.. You would have had a ball.

      • Okay, I know this is a little off topic, but, speaking of pockets… The one and only time James Stewart was smoldering sexy in a movie, you know the one:

  8. Fabulous, Michael as usual!

    Can’t wait til Antonia  is in her own place and we

    have a summer event for Fragrance Republic!

    Xo, Hilary


  9. Wow such a strong review! It was really a pleasure to read something like this, everything works great together, words, pictures and video.

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