FROM PARIS, SCENT WITH LOVE ~ The Fragrant Republic San Francisco Event


Friday after work I hopped on the Muni underground and made my way to the Embarcadero Center for a very special evening of fragrance and fabulous fun. The event was the first San Francisco launch of the new perfume house The Fragrance Republic. The event was held at Vanity Beauty Lounge and hosted by co-founder Francois Duquesne.

Francois_DuquesneFrancois Duquesne

The Fragrance Republic is not only a perfume house that gives great perfumers a chance to shine under their own names but also an on line Fragrance Club along the lines of a fine wine club. Members receive each month a 15 mil bottle of perfume to sample with the option to buy a 100mil bottle if they like the perfume. Membership comes in many levels that fit almost every budget. This makes it affordable and fun. So far there are six in the line by perfumers Nathalie Feisthauer, Julie Masse, Cecile Matton, Amelie Bourgeois, Antoine Lie, and Karine Chevallier. Each perfumer has an impressive history of perfumes many of which you may own. Each perfume is number from one to six. The two that I fell in love with were FR 01/02 and FR 01/06.

Julie_NovFR 01/02 and Perfumer Julie Masse

01/02 is a succulent refined, lush rose absolute with a velvety tuberose absolute simmering in coco résinoïde. It is magnificent on my skin and  has nothing of the usual bite of white flower or the overt high drama from the tuberose that one expects. Just gorgeous, it is so wonderful on my skin and I had to take a bottle home with me after an hour of wearing it. Perfumer Julie Masse has created a rose I like and one that has class and an elegant charm that is both modern and reminiscent of the Belle Epoch. It is a perfume that embraces the history of perfume while looking to the future.

01/06 was the most popular scent of the evening. This perfume created by Karine Chevallier consists of Persian Lime, fig, vetiver and sandalwood a woody aromatic that has the chic masculine charm of Eau Sauvage. Just brilliant sunny woods filled with the smell of a summer cabin in the mountains.

KarineChevillerG Karine Chevallier

The guests who attended were the crème de la crème of the San Francisco scent society, including Bay Area perfume luminaries such as Ineke and her husband Bill O’Such, the ever evolving and glamorous Yosh, Mik of MikMoi. Also in attendance were the scent sommelier and perfume advisor Hilary Rayvis Randall, Tama Blough San Francisco Bay Area – ‎Senior Editor at and Mario Gomez ‎Owner at Olfactory Ambassador Services who is soon to dazzle the perfume world with something wonderful. And I was thrilled to see  the very exciting and charmingly lovely Antonia Kohl owner of TigerLily Perfumery. Our guide and host Francois Duquesne charmed us all not only with perfume but with his fascinating stories and delightful wit.

cHilary Rayvis Randall, Antonia Kohl, Francois Duquesne, Yosh, and Tama Blough

The event was to run from four to seven p.m. but with the arrival of many friends from SF Sniff the party didn’t break up until eight. And it was a very reluctant end to the evening for all. But the party is scheduled to pick up where it left off tonight at TigerLily where Antonia will be throwing a soirée featuring perfumers Mik Coyle , Bruno Fazzolari, Loreto Remsing and Dannielle Sergent. Each perfumer will be presenting their award winning fragrance lines.Something tells me there will be a story to tell about TigerLily in tomorrow’s post.

eFrancois and Yosh



Hilary Rayvis Randall and Antonia Kohl



  1. Thanks for sharing the event with us. I’ve seen images of this new range and I am curious to smell them. I love the packaging too. 01/02 sounds like something I would enjoy.

    • Hi Clayton! Yes 01/02 is beautiful. I wore it all day and it is still there! So happy to see you my friend!

  2. It all looks like tremendous fun. I love San Francisco, and would love to come to one of these events.

    How does the rose/tuberose thing work exactly, incidentally?

    • The rose/tuberose thing works beautifully on my skin. People are going Mad over it! I just love it, May have to get the big bottle.

  3. Ahh, it’s dear Lanier making me feel envy, again. Not only he lives in SF, the most dreaming exemple of American city for me, love the sea, the Bridge and the climate, SF has it all, but he also goes to places, sees people, smells things. I know, I know, life is not fair.

    Congratulation Lanier. Make the most of it. You deserve. And please, I am glad you do. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jose thank you! I hope someday you can come up here and go perfume shopping with me!

  4. Ohhhh, ROSES! And again, I love attending a perfumed fête with you, thanks for inviting us along. (And thank you just in general.) xox, V

    • My dear you needn’t thank me! I always have you in my pocket where ever I go…just like Mike did Tracy Lord in Philadelphia Story. “Put me in your pocket Mike…” Remember?

      • Just one of the most beautiful moments in film !!!

      • I know…it spoke to me the very first time I saw it and it has stayed with me always… xo

      • I’m going to plunk myself down with a cup of tea and watch The Philadelphia Story 😉 .

      • How was it?

  5. I like 01/02 as well. I’m falling for 01/05 too. You get to go to so many fun perfume events. Lucky you!

    • I am lucky! I thank my lucky stars everyday. Hugs Poodle!

  6. Big Fun!

  7. Following your rose link to sign up for the delights of spring to come, thank you so much Lanier!

  8. I’ve been hearing more and more about these fragrances! Thank you for the lovely reviews and the write-up about the event. How much fun they must be! Persian lime and vetiver? Now that sounds perfect for spring. Thank you again, dearest Lanier!

    • Dearest Biscuit you are so very welcome. Persian lime and vetiver …yes that one is tres magnifique!

  9. What a wonderful review. I love #2, it truly is ethereal and vaporous, just bought a back-up bottle.

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