Christmas Postcard to Lanier

Jordan River, The Fragrant Man sent me a postcard. I am so deeply touched. Please do check his blog for it is wonderful.

The Fragrant Man


Dear Lanier,

There are so many stars in The Fragrant Stratosphere. I love bathing in the light of your star and becoming lost in your Perfumed Plots.

Is that a book or a vignette-style movie I see for you in 2014?

A star filled Christmas night and a season of Joy to you; Joy cometh in the morning. Your mourning has become a Good Morning for those of us that read you with at that time of the day.

Shine On,

Jordan River

Perfumed Plots
Holiday Reading on Scents Memory
A Letter from Versailles
Appointment at Tyburn
Madam Pageau at the Café
Rajdulari Goes to Bollywood

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  1. Let me join Jordan in wishing you Joy and Happy Holidays, Lanier!

    • Likewise dear Undina. May joy and happiness be your ever present companions.

  2. Indeed, just to wish you a Very merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year 2014, dear Lanier, and thanks for all the good and nice smelling things we get from you, as usual.

    • Feliz Natal meu caro amigo brasileiro! Jose it is always a joy when you come to my blog. Thank you for your wonderful support.

      • How nice, and kind, to hear you in Portuguese, meu amigo importante de São Francisco. Feliz natal e um Próspero Ano novo para você também.

  3. Fragrant Man certainly expressed what I feel when I get lost in your lovely stories. Merry Christmas and looking forward to more tantalizing tales in 2014!

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