IGUANA! – Lanier in Mexico

Just a quick note, I am in San Pancho Mexico on vacation. Just one hour north of Puerto Vallarta. It is fabulous and vey small, like P.V. was forty years ago. When I return I will be revitalized for more reviews. Hasta la vista amigos!



  1. Have big fun. Poolside post reading.

    • I will! Reading a book by Tilar J. Mazzeo that comes out in March that I will be reviewing for Amazon Vine. The Hotel on Place Vendome. Then reading The Perfume Collector. No shoes and drinking Coco Locos with no ice!

  2. That looks like a wonderful little secret hideaway. Enjoy your vacation!

    • San Pancho is not a secret but it is hidden away. Gracias!

  3. It’s nice to know that this place exists and looks like it hasn’t been touched too much over the decades. You certainly deserve a wonderful time on your trip to paradise.

    • I think you would love it here Mary! Hugs from the Mexican Riviera.

  4. Don Miguel,

    An apt title for your mini post!

    Enjoy yourself and don’t get sunburned!

    Un abrazo! Dona Ilaria


  5. Enjoy the vacation! And bring back some nice pictures. Pleeeease 🙂

  6. Have a fantabulous time, Lanier. Oooh, it looks so lush. Enjoy…

  7. Nice trip and enjoy Mexico! Greeting from Holland (where I’m in these days)…

  8. I hope you enjoy Mexico, and by the way, any sight of Miss BD yet?

    • No sight of B.D. or for that matter Ava Gardner! But there are plenty of lovely people!

  9. Wonderful! I hope you have a fantastic holiday.

  10. Pictures Please!


    _tg xx

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