LA SERENISSIMA WINKS ~ 10 Corso Como Uomo by 10 Corso Como


William and Charlie always took a vacation from each other in the middle of their vacation. When they ware abroad this practice helped to keep their friendship fresh and happy while in such close quarters. On this particular trip the “Your on your own day” happened on a Wednesday and it happened in Venice.


For there stay, William rented an apartment on the Piscina Sant Agnese near the wooden bridge on the Academia side of the Grand Canal. There was only one key to the apartment. So it was agreed on this Wednesday that one of them would hold the key and return to the apartment at two just in case the other needed to pop in to freshen up in la stanza da bagno.

Out the door and at Calle Chisea William said “goodbye” and went left and Charlie said “see you later” and went right.

“Gondola Mister?”  The handsome blond gondolier that Charlie saw every morning at Ponte San Vio called out to him and tipped his hat followed by a graceful bow that set his gondola to seductively sway at its moorings.

“Grazie no Signor.”  At one hundred fifty a pop Charlie knew it was a luxury he would have to pass up.

The gondolier winked. “Maybe domani?”

gondola mister

Charlie laughed and began to whistle “Meglio Stasera” and in so doing turned his morning outing into a Pink Panther adventure sans inspector Clouseau.

At two thirty-five Charlie realized that William was most likely not coming back to the apartment. He decided to have a small glass of Lemoncello. At two forty five he had another and realized he hadn’t eaten lunch yet. At three with William a no-show Charlie headed for Campo San Barnaba for a bite of of something to soak up the Lemoncello that was making him feel just on the edge of silly.


Sitting under a square white umbrella in the clear luminous light of the campo where years ago Katherine Hepburn fell into the canal in “Summertime” Charlie savored the best lasagna he had ever tasted.  He called the waiter over and ordered third glass of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. When the forth glass of wine was set before him he saw William coming across the campo from the Ponte dei Pugni he nearly knocked over his wine when he jumped up to wave to his friend he hadn’t seen in seven hours.


Reunited and refreshed they each bubbled over with stories of there exciting day. Another glass of wine was ordered. After lunch they crossed the Grand Canal on a traghetto, the poor man’s gondola. Feeling a wee bit tipsy from the wine and the Lemoncello Charlie sat down to keep from re-enacting Hepburn’s tumble into the indubitably questionable waters of the Grand Canal.

“Signore! No sit!”


By five that evening Charlie was somewhat recovered and able to stand in a traghetto, when William suggested it, he was very agreeable to a having a cocktail. Why not they were after all on vacation weren’t they? Besides that, there was an hour or three to kill before dinner. The view from the tables outside at the Accademia Foscarini Bar e Pizzeria was the money shot of the day and the friends agreed it would be a stunning spot to rest their feet and lubricate the liver. They ordered Negronis. Charlie had never seen such a huge cocktail tumbler in his life.


The May sky which was streaked with rose and amber over the Grand Canal an hour before was now spangled with stars as they headed out to dinner at Osteria San Barnaba. Fueled with Negronis and un grande amore vivo e tutte le cose italiane, the two friends charmed the waiters at the Osteria. By one in the morning they were sharing a gasoline like drink called Grappa with their waiter Antonio and singing “Volarie” off key but with great feeling. At two A.M. Antonio bid them buona notte on the street outside the Osteria.


Shoulder to shoulder, very fuzzy and smudged at the edges William and Charlie wandered through the sleeping city.  Suddenly they stumbled upon the immense splendor and expanse of the dark choppy Giudecca Canal. Bobbing gondolas glimmered a rich dark shellac in the moonlight. There was not a sound but for the soft slapping of the water against the stone stairs that led down into the ink blue waters.  William had fallen moodily silent and was looking intently at the wet velveteen waters as they slapped the ancient stones.

“Don’t do it.” Charlie said. “It is so beautiful and it would be a dramatic end…a death in Venice, but don’t jump in.”

William smiled. “I wasn’t thinking that, I was thinking of The Wings of the Dove.”

Charlie put his arm around his best friend. And at that moment the sky above the Giudecca exploded in a glittering shower of fireworks.

“Look William, it is all for us.”

“La Serenissima is winking.” William said softly.


Gondoliers watch the fireworks from Venice across the Giudecca


10 Corso Como Uomo by 10 Corso Como is a beautiful Spicy Oriental for men. The house of 10 Corso Como which is dedicated to art, fashion and design was founded in Milan by Carla Sozzani a gallery owner and publisher. It began as a gallery in 1990 and has since grown to include fashion, food and a hotel. The philosophy behind this house is to present the world of art, music, design, cuisine and fashion to reflect the inspiration of world cultures.

The perfume opens in a clear spicy zing of ginger ringing with notes of bergamot and mandarin orange. This is a lovely crisp and eye-opening scent, not shocking to the system but rather delightful and warm in its opening presentation.

 DSC_0298 (Large)

Accademia Foscarini Bar e Pizzeria

The dominant note in the perfume enters rather fast to join in the sparkle created by the ginger and as the bergamot and mandarin fade to the back this lively Pepper takes center stage. Along the way in the heart of the fragrance the peeper is joined by a shy Ylang-Ylang and a bashful jasmine. Together these two floral notes smooth the pepper and ginger out and lead the way to a really nice dry down.

In the base notes there is a clean Musk that never gets soapy but stays true along with the Cedar to a classic masculine oriental feel. This is added by a light shimmering veneer of amber and vanilla.

Overall the perfume lasts about eight hours on my skin and has a noticeable sillage in the first few hours. I must thank Michel Gizinski at Neiman Marcus for introducing me to this wonderful fragrance. Michel is an incredible ambassador of fragrance, so knowledgeable and eager to share the world of fragrance with his clients. He has been dubbed “The Nose of Union Square” and indeed he is the go to man for many San Franciscans who are into perfume. The nose knows!  And because of this lovely man, I always find myself coming back to 10 Corso Como Uomo when I am looking for something sophisticated, unusual, and neo-classical in feeling.


10 Corso Como Uomo ~ 5 Platinum Stars


  1. So completely gorgeous! I love when your posts for a men’s fragrance pull me in so much that I end up wondering, “Maybe I could wear that too?” 😉

    I think that I have mentioned before that I have never been to Venice. I have had the good fortune to have travelled quite a bit and yet I have a sneaking suspicion that if I were ever to go there, finally…well, I might not come back…

    • You know Heather, you can wear 10 Corso Como Uomo! I forgot to mention in my review that it is very suited to a woman as well as a man in my view. Well yes Venice is very seductive. And she very nearly stole my heart away from my one true love, Roma. La citta eterna. .
      Thanks so much!

  2. What a glorious tribute to Venice! You hit all the notes with Montepulciano, Limoncello, Negronis and lastly a lovely bow to “the nose of Union Square, Michel Ginzinki. I’m sure you smell divine in 10 Corso Como Uomo. We’re so lucky to have him in our fair city by the bay.

    • Molte grazie e tanto amore per la mia amica Mary. I am so happy you enjoyed the further adventures of Charlie and William.

  3. I totally love 10 Corso Como. I have not tried 10CC Uomo though. I’m guessing I’d probably like it though.

    • Yes Poodle I have tried 10 Corso Como too and it is indeed love worthy. I am sure you would like Uomo too. As I wrote to Heather in Arles above it would be gorgeous on a woman or a man…or a Poodle!

  4. Lovely! Michal- look especially at the last paragraph..

    Michael- as always – the storyteller par excellence!

    Madame H


  5. Did not know that Corso Como had a companion scent for men. This sounds enticing, and frankly your description of Venice does too. As I am a sucker for ginger notes and this appears to have one, it goes on my to try list asap.

  6. The bottle and label are wonderful. Vanity-worthy! I read your story yesterday. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your words. Such lovely descriptions of the strolls and cocktails. Venice is where I spent my honeymoon. And yes, I also thought about The Wings of the Dove by Henry James. Confession: I also loved the film. Your line: “La Serenissima is winking.” William said softly.” Perfection! T.

    • Theadora thank you! What a place for a honeymoon! You are so sweet to say perfection… I am flattered….I love the movie of Wings of the Dove too!

  7. Say, I believe I’ve met Charlie and William and they are far from fuzzy and smudgy! Sophisticated, funny, and well scented would be my take… I will try 10 Corso… You’ve got me hooked!

    • By George I think your are right! I think you have met the boys, The Grappa is what smudged them.

  8. How did you know I needed to go to Venice today? These photos have me dreaming of a Venetian vacation.

  9. Dearest Lanier
    What a crisp and clear sighted account of a deliciously hazy afternoon. I can almost see the Grand Canal in a limoncello smudged impressionist rendering. Two happy fellows serenading the waiters and the stars.
    And as for the scent, it certainly sounds on the right side of sophisticated, I wonder whether we have the brand here.
    A pleasure as always.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • Thank you my dear friend! Always a pleasure and a thrill when the
      Dandy drops in. I do hope you can find it somewhere in London! Keep me posted on that.

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