“IT’S BETTER NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT” ~ Bruno Fazzolari Launches A New Perfume

heat wave

You could have fried an egg on my forehead yesterday! It was just that hot. On top of that nobody has air conditioning in San Francisco. That’s job belongs to our summer fog.

I had a date with a perfume bottle at the Catherine Clark Gallery. It was so steamy inside and out that for a moment I contemplated not going at all. It would be so much easier to just sit and drink iced tea and watch “Paris When It Sizzles” on T.V.  But I had received such a nice invitation and I had promised to go. A gentleman I reminded myself never breaks a promise no matter how hot it is.


The new and very exciting perfumer Bruno Fazzolari whom I had met last March at the San Francisco Artisan Perfume Salon had so graciously invited me to come to the group show entitled “This Is The Sound Of Someone Losing The Plot”. There he would be presenting his newest perfume “It’s Better Not To Worry About It”. So I packed up my paper fan in my orange tote bag and headed out the door for my march to the South of Market district. Why take a fan to an art gallery you may ask? Just wait!

With Henry Mancini on my IPod, my straw hat planted on my head against the UV rays and my oversized 90’s Jackie O sunglasses I hit the baking bricks of The City.  It is a good mile walk between my home and the gallery on Utah Street, 248 Utah to be exact about it. By the time I got there I was like an overheated Model T.

The Catherine Clark Gallery is brand new, very large and well, just the perfect pristine place to see beautiful art and be seen seeing it.  The place was packed and the lights illuminating the wide assortment of artist work was also sautéing the spectators. It was hotter than a tin roof in Mississippi with or without a cat on it. Fortified with a very generously full glass of champagne I sallied forth into the exhibit.

I found the two painting by Bruno and the mirror topped pedestal with his perfume winking at me atop it and a few perfume blotters in a small glass. I plucked a blotter and was ready to spray it when I thought. “Oh lord is it an art display and I have ruined it? “ I put the blotter back in the glass and stepped back to admire the artful arrangement of object d’art.

“Are we supposed to smell it?” a woman next to me inquired.

“I’m not sure!” and we both laughed. “I am sure the artist is around somewhere. We can ask him.”

Bruno was no where to be seen so I took the grand tour. There were some really exciting pieces to be seen. (Get thee to the Gallery if you are in the area) The crowd ranged from Pacific Heights ka-ching to South of Market/Mission nouveau chic. In more than one way it was a very hot crowd. After my circuit though the un-enfiladed rooms I repaired to the bar to switch out the champagne for a huge glass of much needed water.

Looking back into the gallery I spotted Bruno. As well as being a painter, and a perfumer Bruno Fazzolari teaches at California College of the Arts. He is a charming man who engages you at once with his passion for his art and sparkling mind. Bruno and his partner Bill welcomed me and we got right into his new perfume and the painting that complements it.


Bruno and Bill (stolen from Yosh Han)

“It’s Better Not To Worry Abut It” is a light lovely scent that was inspired by the recently passed Andy Warhol superstar, poet and artist Taylor Mead. We talked about Taylor, L’Osmothèque at Versailles, The notes in the perfume, the vibrational aspects of Bruno’s painting that goes with the perfume and how incredibly hot it was. I popped open my fan and gave the three of us a bit of much needed relief. (A fan is the essential accessory to an overheated art opening as Karl Lagerfeld will surely tell you. I ended up fanning many grateful art and perfume lovers around me.)


Taylor Mead (stolen from Bruno Fazzolari)

Bruno got the wonderful idea to spray the fan with his perfume. It was amazing! This bright light and glitteringly romantic fragrance filled the air in the most gorgeous way. In fact, “Not To Worry” was the perfect fragrance for this very hot event. Like cool crystals dangling from a burning chandeliers it was festive and inviting and created the feeling of being at a ball at the pinnacle of  the Belle Epoch.  It is slightly sweet without being cloying and has that accord that recalls perfumes of the early 20th century without losing a very modern accessible touch. As the scent spread it drew people into our sphere and conversations about the beauty of the perfume ensued. To tell you the truth, Coco Chanel could not have orchestrated a buzz any better than this.


Over the course of the next hour I watched as people approached the display, some hesitant as if wondering as the woman I first encountered did; was an art installation or a real perfume to sample. In fact it was both. Yet others much bolder and with a sense of adventure walked right up and tried it on their skin. Everyone seemed delighted.

By the time I said my goodbyes to Bruno and Bill and headed back out into the late afternoon heat for home I knew that for me and many others the hit of the show had been Bruno Fazzolari and his magical perfume.


(Stolen from Bruno Fazzolari)

“IT’S BETTER NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT” will be coming released to the public some time in the near future. 


For more about Bruno Fazzolari, his perfumes and his art, visit his website:  http://brunofazzolari.com/

The Catherine Clark Galleryhttp://cclarkgallery.com/

248 Utah Street San Francisco CA. 94013

415 399-1439 


Lagerfeld and his fan…. don’t for get yours!


  1. What a great launch. Fan it! On art gallery shows: ‘and be seen seeing it’. Too true!

    • isn’t it just! The people are half the show at an opening! It was great fun.

  2. Sounds like so, so much fun, but the constant role of the fan from the top of the story to the end with the KL photo had me in stitches!! So damn funny!! Loved every bit of it, my dear.

  3. it’s always So hard to know what’s the Correct modus operandi at an Art Gallery, we agree.

    thank goodness you brought your fan.

    *wavingfromlosangeles* – sitting right in front of the (electric) fan – trying to cool down

    • Honey if you ever come to San Francisco we will go find you a fancy silk Chinese fan in Chinatown or a gorgeous Geisha fan in Japantown! Then you can save on the electric bill!

  4. Loved this! One of your best! I’m off to get a silk fan 🙂

    • While you are at it get one for every man in your life for Christmas! Oh and take a photo of your new fan and post it!! I need to get a new one.. Mine is 20 years old!

  5. Sounds marvelous!

  6. Gorgeous, funny that thing about the fan… I met a certain blue eyed man you know on a sweltering set, and although I had been assigned to fan the actors I fanned him instead 😉 And, back into the editing I go. xox, V

  7. Dearest Lanier
    What complete and utter fun… and fan!
    And what a fantastic (oops, pun) name for a perfume. One does wish more fragrances had a sense of mischief in their nomenclature like those old rogues at Annick Goutal or Caron… ‘N’Aimez Que Moi…’ anyone?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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