A NEW KIND OF LOVE ~ Red Door Limited Edition by Elizabeth Arden

e arden

They were so red! Vanessa watched as the Elizabeth Arden beauty technician applied the second coast of varnish to her nails and tried to figure out just what kind of red it was. Somewhere between Fire Engine Red and Candy Apple Red and so shocking on her nails that she wasn’t sure just yet how she felt about it. She never wore make up let alone nail polish. This was a whole new world.


   “It looks beautiful Mademoiselle.” The technician somehow knew just when to say those words to cement Vanessa’s new positive opinion on nail polish. “It is called “A New Kind Of Love” Red”

“It suits you ma chère.” Vanessa turned to the very elegant and rich looking lady in the next chair who was having her nails done in the exact same shade. The woman had the same color of eyes as her grandmother, Samantha.

Samantha Sherman hugged her granddaughter one last time at the entrance to the security check at San Francisco International.

“When you get to Paris go to  number 7 Place Vendome and tell them that your Grandmother is paying for a full day spa and makeover. They will be expecting you. Then afterwards go to Fouquet’s on the ChampsÉlysées for lunch.”


Vanessa’s Granny at Fouquet’s 1963


“But Granny I have never worn make-up. I wouldn’t know what to do.” 

“Nether did I when I was your age. It was all about my career at J. Bergner Inc. 5th Avenue ‘The working girl’s friend.’  

“You’re all about fashion and I am all about music and finding a way in this world to make life a little better for others.” 

“Absolutely darling and there is no reason why you can’t have a little fun on the way to your destiny and on my dime. I want you to have the same experience I had when I met your grandfather in Paris. If I hadn’t gone to Elizabeth Arden, you would not be here.”

E Arden massage o

Getting “The Works” at Elizabeth Arden!

“Alright Granny for you I will do it.”

“And one more thing, I want you to go to the statue of St. Catherine at the corner of rue Cléry and the rue Poissonnière and leave some flowers.”


Saint Catherine

“Why? We’re not even Catholic.”

“Just do it for Granny?”

When the visit to Elizabeth Arden’s came to a close Vanessa again met the elegant lady from the nail salon at the big red door that lead out to the street.

“Ma chère! With the new hair and makeup and in that charming white dress, you look like Sofia Vergara!”

Vanessa blushed. “Oh my goodness, no! How sweet but no…”

“But Yes! So let me guess; now you are off to Fouquet’s?”

“How did you know?”

The woman winked at her. “I am Felicienne Courbeau, an old friend of your grandmother’s and she asked me to keep an eye on you while you are in Paris.”


A woman of a certain age, Felicienne Courbeau

Vanessa’s laughter bubbled up like a champagne cocktail. “Oh no, this is too funny!”

Felicienne offered her arm to Vanessa.  “Shall we go then ma chère? My car is waiting just outside.”

Vanessa took Felicienne’s arm. The doorman opened the great red door and they stepped out into the embracing warm fall sunlight of Paris.

“And we will stop at Durocher, a little flower ship I know on the way and buy some flowers for St. Catherine.”

“Yes, Red ones to match my new look!”

 Vanessa Gonsalves2



Red Door Limited Edition by Elizabeth Arden is not a perfume a young woman like Vanessa would most likely find appealing. It is a little to grown up for ladies under thirty with young noses still enamored of the sweet and yummy smells of the recently abandoned teen years. That is of course unless they have a nose for something more sophisticated than the hot house fruity florals or candied confections that are all the rage these days. And how does a young woman expand her horizons in a world drowning in Floriantals and exploding cotton candy machines? As in our story sometimes a young lady needs the counsel of an older woman of the world, someone with experience who can open that Red Door of possibilities to a wider world of Yes.

I have wanted to try this perfume and see what it is all about for some time. I have smelled the “original” and found it to be interesting and lovely, so when I came across a 30mil bottle of Red Door Limited for twenty dollars I thought why not?  I was very pleasantly surprised at what was in this little red bottle. This is a new take on the old classic, a tiny bit more modern without loosing the sophisticated allure of a really elegant perfume. It is a bouquet of red roses wrapped in rich creamy satin tied with a velvet ribbon.


It opens with a shimmery and sparking bell notes of lily of the valley. The lily is followed by a dash of peppery freesia blended into a purple tinged green haze of violets. This is an elegant and inviting opening of promises made in midnight misty gardens.

The promise made is sealed with a warm deep kiss of Roses whose petals are brushed ever so lightly with honey. Never too sweet the honey rises like burnished gold from the base notes to titillate and make hungry where most it satisfies as it falls from the rose petals to the notes below.  African Orange flowers, Ylang-Ylang, and jasmine are the three sisters who benefit from the marriage of the rose and the honey.

As it dies down into its dry down it becomes something more intimate in feeling, there is the scent of expensive body powder and that rich warm yummy smell of pancake make-up. That wonderful scent must come from the meeting of creamy sandalwood, Oakmoss and the honey.

It is a real find for those in the market for something with more of a classy, classic feel to it. And unlike the more watery roses and lilies that fell into the jam jar it lasts a very long time. You will get millage on this one, eight to twelve hours at least. The sillage is impressive, like a great ocean liner moving languorously though the sea with a gently widening wake behind, people will notice you as you pass. And after all, great ocean liners and elegant ladies engender great admiration. Three cheers of Red Door Limited Edition and all who wear her.






  1. Cute couple!

  2. How nice, dear lanier, let the dream go on. I wish it were a real film scean so I could see it on the telly. the young girl lady would be deffenetely Doris Day, yes, a New Kind of Love, Red just match her perfectly in my mind, although I am aware it might be a second-hand thought. But anyway, please, let me dream, ” don’t wake me, leave me where I am, I am only dreaming”. Hope you will have the most ___ ideas for your next text, I am trying to find the word/term used by the girls in The Trouble with Angels, but my dictionary is no good.

    • Shhh everyone…be very quite. Jose is dreaming. Thank you Jose! I can think of only two words when it comes to The Trouble With Angels….Hailey Mills.

      • There, I am fully awaken now, as a matter of fact spent the afternoon with misses Sandy Beach, Pearl Ring, Fleur de Lis and, of course, Miss Kim Novak. what a journey. and yes, I hope you have the most scathingly brilliant ideas for your next text. How I like this movie, and being a catholic makes it a bit more special. Have a wonderful week, dear Lanier.

  3. Where were these wonderful women when I needed them? You have been away too long Lanier!

    • Ah Patti they were in Paris and San Francisco! Yes I am back and there are a few for you to catch up on if you are of the mind for a little Lanier story time. Hugs!

      • Always in the mind for a little Lanier story time! How did I get so far behind . . . . 😦

  4. Dearest M. Lanier
    Two trips to Paris in a week… sir, you are spoiling us!
    What a charming tale this is, which for some reason, reminds me of Gigi, though with a much more charming mentor…
    I have never tried Red Door, ever, but your description of a refined floral has me wanting to change all that.
    Keep them coming!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • Oh my but yes! Now that you mention it there is a little of Gigi in Miss Vanessa. I am so happy dear friend that my tome pleased you. Red Door was a real surprise.. I wasn’t expecting to find such beauty in that bottle. I hope you can find a little Red Door in London.

  5. I remember San Francisco’s old Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on Post St. It was such as elegant place not far from Gumps. No Fouquet to go lunch at.

  6. Lanier, I’m probably one of the only people in the world who knew which movie your title alluded to! Intriguing! ?Must smell !!! Please bring with you on Tuesday, so that I can try it on my skin!!!

    Thanks for your friendship and delightful imagination, L,Hilary


    • It shall be in my bag slung over my shoulder on Tuesday. Thank you Hilary! I feel the same way too!

  7. quelle glorious post – and delicious movie reference – *clicking* on the Request Materials section of the Los Angeles County Library site Right now.

    true story: first business trip (front of the plane *swoons*) from london to manhattan – stayed at the Peninsula and the next morning opened the drapes (once we’d found the switch panel – the entire room even the television inset into the bathroom wall needed a switch) and voila! There was Manhattan and the Red Door of Miss. Arden.



    _tg x

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