AN ANNIVERSARY ~ Scents Memory Celebrates!

happy birthday chanel

Well can you believe it? Scents Memory has been up and running for a whole year now. My Paper Anniversary. I want to thank all my 163 readers for following along on my olfactory journey.  It has been so much fun and work and then fun again and we will be going on to more reviews and assorted memories in the future.

However, it is Summer here in San Francisco so that means time to bundle up and put some logs on the fire and take a bit of a vacation.  So for the next few weeks I will be off doing some rest and recuperation and charging my creative batteries. So in the meantime check out some of my blog links for some good reading. Everything from Victoria Gent up in Sunny Seattle on EauMG though the delightful musings of Portia and the gang down south in Sydney at The Australian Perfume Junkies and of course my darling Vickie Lester at Beguiling Hollywood. And no blog jog would be complete without a pop over to London to for tea and a chat with The Perfumed Dandy. And for you fashionistas please check out Garance Dorés delightful blog and her husband Scott at his blog The Sartorialist.  There are lots more to check out so just look to your right and scroll down for more links.

So for now a nice warm scented bath and then off I sail in my barge of gold for my little stay at home vacation.

  See you all in a few weeks!

Love Always,





  1. Time flies. Happy Anniversary, Lanier! Enjoy your staycation.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Lanier, it has been a lot of fun to us as well. I hope you do recharge your batteries and come back sparkling.

  3. Happy blogoversary! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Lanier! Glad to be part of your “Scents Community”!

  5. So grateful to Vickie for having made the introduction. Happy Anniversary and a peaceful staycation to you Lanier…

  6. Lanier, happy anniversary and thanks for giving us so much fun with your writings. Have a well deserved time off – but do come back to us soon again – we will be waiting.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your downtime.

  8. Yaay, happy birthday to Scents Memory and Lanier!! Yahoo!

  9. Happy Anniversary, Lanier! I’m looking forward to continuing the olfactory journey! I’m also looking forward to the book and, or, screenplay. 🙂 For the love of God, please share your significant talent with the rest of the world! That’s all, no pressure… Lol.

    All right then, enjoy your little break. We’ll all be here when you get back.

  10. Here’s a bundle of kisses and good wishes for your stay-cation! Hurray for the break and can’t wait to hear of your adventures, after.
    xoxo, V

  11. Bon Anniversaire!! I love your spray-by-spray stories.
    Signed your big time fan,

  12. Have a wonderful vacation!

  13. I am so happy to have discovered you while still in your infancy 😉
    I have so enjoyed your posts over this past year and can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve when you return.

    Have a wonderful, relaxing, respite!

  14. Happy Anniversary Dearest Lanier!
    I hope you are settling down to a giant cake with 163 candles for each of your readers.
    We will miss your wise and wonderful words but you have more than earned your rest and recuperation.
    Until you return Fragrant Master.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  15. Happy Blogoversary, Lanier! I have very much enjoyed reading you this past year and look forward to many more wonderful stories and conversations in the future.

    Have a fantastic vacation! You deserve it!

  16. Happy anniversary, my talented, sensitive, poetic friend! I love your stories which you weave with the soul of a master and a magician. Enjoy your vacation, recharge, and come back refreshed to enchant us anew. *hugs*

  17. Happy Anniversary Lanier!!! I hope you have a fantastic vacation. I look forward to your posts in the upcoming 2nd year of your wonderful blog!

  18. Congrats and happy charging handsome! xo

  19. Happy anniversary! And stay warm. 😉

  20. Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on a year of great writing and much pleasure for your readers! I hope you enjoy your time off. I never understood about summer being the cold season in SF. I need to visit SF before I get too old and need a walker. I suppose I could wheel up and down those hills in my motorized wheelchair. That’s a thought. Anyway, thank you again, Mr. Lanier, for all the great fragrance reading! Best wishes. L.

  21. Happy anniversary! I wish you all the best and new, great stories! It is really a pleasure to read them.

  22. You had a BIRTHDAY!! Happy day. Congratulations! You are amazing and I wish I could write even a quarter as well as you Lanier. You are so inspiring.
    Portia xxxx

    • Oh but dearest Portia you do have a talent with the quill!! Love you and thank you.

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