RAJDULARI GOES TO BOLLYWOOD ~ Bombay Bling by Neela Vermeire Creations


They chose her for her small ankles and her lovely movement. It had been a long way to come to win the role of Princess Beloved in the new musical film “Bombay Bling” But for little Rajdulari it had been well worth the effort.

Back home in the jungle of the south everyone had laughed at her when she said she wanted to go north to Mumbai to be in the movies.


“Oh little silly,” her mother said when they were washing down at the river. “You can not be a movie star. You are too little and you have rough skin. They do not like girls like you from the country in Bollywood. For goodness sake!” Her aunts who were close by giggled and stamped in unison.

Her brothers were much meaner to her. “Bollywood, Ha!” Gourab trumpeted.  “You are ugly and you can not sing or dance like the pretty girls in the movies.”

“I can too sing! And I can learn to dance.”  Rajdulari protested.

“Maybe you can learn dance like a monkey. But what about that nose?  Not long enough, and your eyes! Ha, they are too far apart. And those tiny ankles will not support you for long.” Said the eldest of the brother’s Chandramohan. “No stop day dreaming stupid girl.”

“They have make-up in the movies. They can paint you pretty.”

The brother’s laughed so hard the ground shook.

“Stop this at once!” The sound of his voice was enough to send the birds above them who were watching from the jungle canopy aloft in fluttering feathered terror. From behind a Jacaranda tree Gajendra appeared in all his great splendor.

The brothers lowered their heads as they always did when their grandfather approached. He glowered at them. Then with one swift movement he plucked a fragrant purple blossom from the Jacaranda tree and gently placed it behind Rajdulari’s ear.


   “You are beautiful little princess. The others are too blind to see.”

Rajdulari looked up into his brown eyes and smiled. “I know they are blind!”

Gajendra laughed. “We will go to Mumbai together and show them all.

Now months later on the first day of shooting her very first movie little Rajdulari stood very still while the dressers bedecked her with garlands of flowers and the makeup man painted her pretty.

“You have perfect skin and the most beautiful eyes.” The makeup man said. “Wide set eyes photograph best you know.”

When Rajdulari stepped on to the set for “Bombay Bling” her grandfather was watching from the sidelines. He saw at once that she was the most beautiful Elephant in all of India.

Flower show 001-L



Bombay Bling by Neela Vermeire Creations is bright and young and full of glittering pizzazz.  It has a personality that is big, charismatic and cinematic. It is all about being in the joy of the moment. One glorious over the top musical number after another rolls out from the bottle as you spay it on. It is a big bold Bollywood star of a perfume.


The opening is frenetic and brightly colored blending of Labdanum, succulent Mango, cardamom, litchi, caraway seeds and black currant. Sweet is the theme here and the litchi and mango mixed with the black current create an effect that verges on the pink spun sugar of cotton candy. Not my favorite scent at all but thankfully short lived.

With the fireworks out of the way we now enter the heart of the perfume. The garden of unearthly delights in fact for here we have a beautiful Jasmine full of dark twilight richness blooming on a warm night in Mumbai. Not to be outdone by this favorite white of the perfume world the air is enriched by a stunning gardenia with support from tuberose, ylang-ylang, a rocking rose and saffron like silky frangipani. Yes it is stunning, the kind of exquisiteness you find in women who grew into great swan like beauty from a pond of full of ducks.

The dry down carried echoes of the jasmine and gardenia as more earthbound notes of woods, patchouli, tobacco and cedar move up the keep them company.  Here the scent is becomes one with the skin and lingers in lovely wafts of memory and light.  Sandalwood and vanilla flicker in and out like shadows on a wall on a late afternoon in the tropics.

I was very impressed with Bombay Bling for the very fact that it is a sweet perfume that manages to move past the sugar and find its heart in the most beautiful arrangements of floral notes. It sings and entices us to explore the wonders of the gorgeous complex music and stunning intricate dance that lives in the heart of India.



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  1. Uh, great evening, big surprise for me but I ‘ve waited for this! What an extraordinary story. I love this just as I love Bombay bling

    • Happy to surprise you Damir! Bombay Bling is really wonderful.

  2. Oh my God, you fooled me big time … What a nice sense of surprise at the end, right when one thinks “oh just another story” then there it is, a hidden treasure. And by the way, I myself have never seen a Jacaranda tree… Beautiful.

    • Yes I know, I planned it that way! Just another Elephant story. If you go back and read it again there are some clues in the story and in the names. Grandfather’s name translates to Elephant King.

  3. Wonderful Lanier!
    And Bombay Bling is my favourite perfume from Neela Vermeire, such a happy scent, the mango is so realistic and juicy, just divine

    • Thought the mango is divine it was the bouquet of flowers that captured me.

  4. I know, I know, it’s a bit early to be checking in — but this story — how could I resist the most beautiful elephant in all of India? Another magical tale, and another beautiful scent from Neela. Thank you!

    • Thank you luv! I was inspired both by the perfume and the elephant made of flowers pictured above at the Macy’s flower show. When I saw her in the middle of the store well I knew she would show up some day in a story.

  5. Dearest Lanier
    What a splendid tale.. a true Indian take on The Ugly Duckling.
    Now that would make a movie and a half!
    Your assessment of the fragrance too is pitch perfect, this is a perfume that satisfies with sweetness, but does not cloy.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • Can you imagine a Bollywood musical about a dancing elephant who is the granddaughter of the King of the Elephants? I can! Thank you Dandy.

      • Dearest Lanier
        I see it as the first Bollywod / Animee co-production and what I see is a world of wonder.
        Thank you.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  6. Fantastic! I simply adored the twist, and went back and read the earlier parts with its subtle hints about three time. I absolutely loved it. You tell the BEST stories, Lanier! I’m starting to wonder who you were in another life. You are far too poetically sensitive to have been one of the Brothers Grimm and you never judge, so Aesop is out, but you were clearly a great story teller!

    As for Bombay Bling, I find it a wonderfully happy fragrance. It doesn’t stand much chance of competing with my love for Trayee or Mohur, but I know many who find it to be their favorite of the trio. But it is a very joyful, ebullient perfume.

    • What a sweet thing to say kafkaesque, thank you for that beautiful complement. I have Deja vu all the time! Let’s see what happens when I get to Trayee.

  7. I loved this Lanier, it has flavors of Rudyard Kipling. Very clever and quite magical.
    This fragrance sounds like something I’d enjoy. I like sweet scents but with the right balance of floral notes. Wonder where I can find it?

    • Thanks Gripping Life! It really is a fun fragrance and suitable for brightening up any day of the week no mater who wears it, human or elephant!

  8. This entire and entirely charming story has all the evocative twists and turns of Bombay Bling itself – surely one of the happiest perfumes ever created? And now, I’ll never wear it again without thinking of the lovely Rajdulari…;) Thank you for that inestimable pleasure!

  9. You script writer you. Into production it goes.
    Am riding’ out with Bombay Bling today. Mahout where are you?

  10. quelle delicious Tale.

    we also adored INDIA.

    the air was redolent with cardamon and cinnamon and decaying blossom which is actually nicer than it sounds.

    thought of you when we popped into Rodeo Drive Chanel building to try “Beige” – they gave us a sample – we’re still not sure……what think you?

    • Oh thanks Team Gloria!
      You know Beige I find is something that one grows to love. It takes many testings and wearing to come to understand how beautiful it is. At least that is my experience. I hope it happens for you as well.

  11. Lanier, it’s officially my most favorite review for one of my most favorite perfumes! Bravo! Loved the twist 🙂

    • Undina You just made my day even more resplendent! Thank you!

  12. Lanier, you are a consummate storyteller. I love it! I’ve got a decant of BB! winging its way to me, I just could not resist getting some.

    • That is exciting that BB is on its way to you. I am so happy Rajdulari inspired you. I hope you love it.

  13. That’s the story of MY first movie!! He He HE! Great work Lanier. Neela Vermeire just told me to go read your review because it’s so fabulous, she was right!
    I’m off to India tomorrow and taking my Bombay Bling to wear there.
    Portia xx

    • Oh how sweet!! Have fun in India and take pictures! I shall miss you while you are gone.

      • You’re welcome, I will and I shall try.
        Be back before you’ve had time to notice Lanier
        Portia xx

  14. Sublime tale, as always, Lanier. I love that Rajdulari was an elephant, I didn’t see that one coming even though upon a second read, I should have! Bombay Bling sounds like an intoxicating scent, and the bottle reminds me a bit of the Shalimar bottle even though it’s a completely different shape.

    • Madame it is a wonderful thing to find you here today. I am so happy and happy too that you find pleasure in my little tale.

  15. I’ve read nothing but good things about this one! I enjoyed reading.

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  17. Well, I should have seen the end coming when her brothers started stamping, and it’s a delightful story Lanier!

  18. I love it! You write the best stories, Lanier!

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