IT’S ALL ABOUT ME ME ME! ~ My Interview on The Perfumed Dandy.

“To the women of America… no make that, to the women everywhere!” Maggie Prescott

Maggie Prescott

I am a Sunday Supplement! I am so flattered and honored to be the subject of an in depth and entertaining interview by The Perfumed Dandy.  His very first interview ever. So if you want to know more about ME ME ME, pop over to his wonderful blog and take a peak behind the curtain at the wonderful wizard of Ahhhhs.



  1. Beautiful story about a beautiful Lanier Smith!

    • Thank you Mary!! We need another San Francisco perfume event so we can give each other a hug!

  2. It was nice reading few more things about you

    • I fear now that I am overexposed to the public! Next on the agenda a big scandal followed by temporary oblivion and then a comeback! LOL.

      • That would make you an online diva Lanier!
        I wonder who else The Perfumed Dandy will interview in next weeks.

  3. What a wonderful interview, Lanier! It was so nice to learn more about you. I love the shot of you kicking your heels up in Paris too! Thank you for sharing with the Perfumed Dandy and with us!

    • It was fun wasn’t it! Paris inspires one to kick up one’s heels!

  4. In this day and age of “shadows taller than souls” it is so fascinating to find out how fascinating one’s life, Lanier’s life, can be, and others trying to discover life on Mars? Still? It’s so true about his articles on Fragrantica that it makes impossible for anyone with the least sensibility not to stop and go breathless. Any one can buy a bottle of Kelly calèche, go to Paris and Rome and London ( somehow I’ve seen this before ) but to say what he says is a completely different story. Style recquires much more than good will and Grammar, and Hollywood films. His ability to use images almost impossible in themselves makes us feel HIStory in all dimensions: visual, smell, touch, taste, place, time, desire,recollection, memory and dream. And we humans are losing the ability to admire what is worth to be admired, very Brave New World fashion. Thanks to you both.I’ve enjoyed the interview so much and lernt something in the process. I like the idea of a sunday Supplement.

    • Jose you are always the kindest of gentlemen. I so treasure your kind words. I am really not that fascinating and live a very humble life. Now where is my maid? I need her to peel me a grape.

      • My goodness, I hope your maid is more competent than mine, she always fails in giving me my two and a half drops of sweetner either it is too sweet or too bitter, it never comes just right. Am I asking too much? Please, I only hope you get as much pleasure writing to us as we get from reading your superb texts. After all ” what good is sitting all alone in your room, come … come … hear the music of life play, life is a Cabaret, old chum, come … come … Have a nice week, dear Lanier. Till next article …

  5. What a fabulous supplement for the day! On behalf of women everywhere, thank you so much Lanier – Maggie Prescott would be so proud of you!

    • On behalf of Maggie Prescott you are welcome Patti! Yes she would be proud as long as she doesn’t catch me reading “Minutemen From Mars”!

      • Here’s to the joys of thinking pink, even if they are Minutemen from Mars! Or should that be green . . . ?

        (I have a photo I want to send you but it’s not happening . . .)

      • oh dear and I want to see it. How can we work that out Patti?

  6. It was a great interview. Nice to get to know you a bit better but no worries, you are still an international man of mystery. No need for a scandal or temporary oblivion.

    • Oh…. no scandal no self imposed exile? No chance to cry “la publicité!”? Well maybe that is for the best.

  7. What a treat!!! Now we know a little bit more about what the nose knows (you can send me to perfume jail for that pun) – and we want to know more. As I told The Perfumed Dandy, that’s a lot of enchantment for a Sunday, thank you!

    • As Bette Davis said to some French fellow at her cocktail party in “All About Eve” ~ “Enchanté to you too!” …. and thank you so much my dear.

  8. Ah, I’m late to the party! Again. It took awhile to find my little black patent leather tap shoes and pink ball gown, see. Now I’m singing, “Think Pink” at the top of my lungs. Golly, what a terrific and moving Q & A session. I loved the swell photograph of you in Montmartre. You’ve got that thing. Dashing. Stop. Did I spot Audrey behind you in the shot? Were visiting the Professor Emile Flostre or the Musée Montmartre? I loved the nod. In fact, I’m off to read it again. You and the Perfumed Dandy are a dream team, sir. Big hugs, Theadora

    • You look marvelous in your pink ballgown and black patent leather tap shoes! Very Audrey! Thank you darling! And by the way that photo of me dancing in Montmartre was taken just around the corner from Professor Emile Flostre’s house (Yes I found it!) right across the street and to the left of Le Lapin Agile! I am so happy you enjoyed the Sunday Supplement!

  9. THINK PINK!!! I rented this when I was only 14 and instantly fell in love. I got the opportunity to see a screening of it when I was 17 outside of an art gallery, which was a treat too. It’s totally the movie that just keeps giving. A forever classic! Audrey at her cutest!

    The Avedon-ness makes it!


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