WHO IS THAT MYSTERIOUS MAN? ~ The Perfumed Dandy Goes Live

the perfumed dandy

(The Perfumed Dandy 1809)

It is unofficial and very hush hush but my dear friend the mysterious and debonair Perfumed Dandy has just today opened his blog!  Now mind you dear friends that the official premier event opening is still Valentines Day, but please do pop over to the dandy blog and get acquainted with the new guy at the party de perfume. There is lots to see already, the all about Mr. Dandy at the Who Is The Perfumed Dandy page.

Then mosey on over to the “Matters of Import” pages and see what lies in store for you to participate in a great and exciting adventure starring you and Mr. P. Dandy.

It is all so very exciting and quite frankly I am breathless with anticipation to see  all of your calling cards on the silver tray in foyer of The Perfumed Dandy’s stately Dandy Manor House .



So lets all give P. Dandy a great and wonderful welcome to our world of fragrance and fantasy.





  1. You are a darling to introduce us to such good company. Thank you! And, a bouquet of kisses, V

    • You be sure to head over there and leave a calling card. He is soooooo talented and does “storytime” too. You will adore him.

  2. Visiting the Dandy asap but first I want to settle in here for some serious catching up. It has been too long and I am pining for your soothing comforts of perfume talk!

    (Plus, I was so excited to be heading over to SF in the next few days but sadly the plans went kerplunk . . . )

    • Oh I hate the sound of Kerplunk!!! Well someday soon I hope. In the meantime have fun catching up with me and meeting The Dandy.

  3. Upon your recommendation, I already love him. I’ll go over straight away.

    “Remains of the Day” is one of my absolute favorite films. Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted away in my own Darlington Hall. Sad and haunting…

  4. Already following him and it’s a very interesting take and you have to love his style..very dandy indeed. I hope we get him to review some male classics too 😀
    Also, I recommend “remains of the day” the book too and also “Never let me go”. Haunting indeed…

  5. PS: so you do know WHO he is? 😀

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