549843_437695019636119_1888320209_nMy friend and guest poster here at Scents Memory, The Perfumed Dandy will be launching his blog on Valentine’s Day. To find out more about him and the blog please visit his Facebook page. If you enjoy my blog, you are going to love The Perfume Dandy.  If you live to love perfume this will be a great occasion to celebrate a wonderful new voice and talent in the fragrance blogosphire.

Facebook Link:http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Perfumed-Dandy/413774028694885



  1. You know, wonderful London really has changed so little.

    Flappers are back and gin is most definitely in.

    And a lady would only ever accept peonies along with a proposal of marriage.

  2. Oh, will I have a new perfume blogo-friend?

  3. Lovely old vids. Make one almost, almost want to go back in time. I prefer just fream of it. Thank God Penhalligon is more accessable than Creed …

  4. I love the name The Perfumed Dandy! I look forward to the newest member of the club!

  5. Sounds like the bee’s knees 😉

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