THE COOL BLONDE ~ Prada Infusion D’Iris


For days she has eluded me, cool  remote and untouchable. I thought at first this woman was that blonde so distantly desirable who radiates a frozen heat that stings the eye and captures the libido then slips away with a hot forty thousand dollars in her purse on the road to oblivion.  I thought I had lost her only to find she turned up next as a haunted somnambulist wandering aimlessly with  deceitful purpose over the hills though the city to a graveyard, to the bay,  to a tower and again to oblivion.


   She confused me in her teasing enticing nearness that always turned into escape. I must understand her, I must possess her. This woman who the whole evening watches me across the dinning table as her mother loaded with diamonds goes on about how over finished her reserved daughter is.  All the while the blonde studies me daring to expose my secrets. Later I cautiously watch her unlock her door, with a seductive turn sheathed in chilled blue chiffon she drapes one bare arm around my neck and pulls me into the shock of her lips meeting mine.  Before I can speak she steps back and swings the door shut between us. The only sound is the beating of my heart and the click of the dead bolt. Again she is gone.


   My brain is scrambled as I try and grasp at clues to her identity. She keeps changing. Every time I met her over the next few days she stole something of me and then vanished when I was about to surrender my soul. On a train, into the arms of a spy or simply into a deadly dark apocalyptic aviary leaving only an impression of her image on the rear window of my soul, who is this woman?

When I finally gave up and turned to walk away from this ambiguity, a woman brushed past me carrying a suit case. I turned at the recognition of her insinuating scent. The woman who was walking away from me on the train platform couldn’t be her. Her long loose black hair fooled me at fist but then as she boarded the train at the very moment it pulled away, I caught a glimpse of her profile.  I stood frozen on the spot as I watched the train for Baltimore disappear.


Standing alone on that platform I finally I had the clue. She was a master of disguise and deception. The combination of the dyed black hair and that distinctive perfume held the key. She wasn’t Marion Crane on the run, or doomed Madeline Elster, she had even fooled me into believing in Monte Carlo that she was Frances Stevens. At one point the thought fluttered its wings in my mind that she was evil and the whole mystery stared when she came to town. But no, she wasn’t Melanie Daniels. She was none of the women she pretended to be. I had to follow her to Baltimore.

A blood red sky opened above me in that field where I finally found her a week later. She rode up wild and fast on a black stallion. The horse reared at the sound of thunder in the distance.  She shivered and her eyes shifted as she tried to cover the terror that approaching storm brought upon her. She looked down at me from astride that hard panting dark animal and I saw that she understood that the chase was over.


“I’ve come to take you home Marnie.”


Like the character of Marnie in the film of the same name by Alfred Hitchcock, Infusion D’Iris by Prada is elusive, mystifying and duplicitous. It is cool and blonde and mysterious and to understand it takes a while. For me it took two weeks of chasing to capture it and come to love it.  It is ever changing in its complex almost psychologically challenging nature. Just when you think you have pinned it down to a pure floral, it shifts into dry woods and then again into a light oriental powdery musk perfume. Created by the “Nose” Daniela Roche Andrier who also brought to us many other perfumes for Prada this one is a softly dazzling incense iris perfume that is purely wonderful.

The perfume is smooth and soft in its opening notes of Mandarin orange, soothing galbanum and African orange blossom. Those notes waft over you in a whisper like butterflies brushing your ear and are quickly gone. The central notes are dominated by a cool earthy iris that is elegant and refined. This iris blends with a pine like mastic and cedar with a layer of grassy green vetiver that come up from the base notes. The dry down is pure incense and benzoin that powder the end of the scent ever so lightly. Not heavy powder but rather more of a soft dusting of modern clean lined elegance.

The longevity of Prada Infusion D’Iris is very good but not spectacular. It lays somewhat close to the skin in its projection and when caught in passing it is subtle in its invitation to come closer to its mystery just as one would expect from a Hitchcock blonde. This perfume is for a lady or a man who embodies a modern sophistication and wears as well in company as it does outdoors.  But be warned not to fall in love with Prada Infusion D’Iris, for once you surrender to her cool seduction you may find you can never let her go.

 Infusion d'Iris Ad


(Marnie Prelude and Theme by Bernard Herrmann)


  1. Prada make such fine fragrances and Infusion d’Iris is not exception. It’s a fantastic scent that smells wonderful both on man and woman. It’s Absolue version is even more interesting, giving you less powdery, more rooty, darker side of iris. Just amazing!

    • Yes Lucas It took me a while to get to a place of understanding Infusion d’Iris and that is a good thing. It makes a perfume much more special if it takes time to unfold and seduce you. Thank you for your spot on observations.

      • I’m glad I could help and that you like it.

  2. Oh my God … For it is far too late for me. I’ve fallen in love with this blond about 3 or 4 years ago, and went even further searching for her brothers and sisters. Fleur d’oranger. D’Homme. Vetiver. And the sublime de Tuberouse. Fleur is the only one I cannot dare wear it in public, the blond is too femenine. But the others, yes, in 200ml. It makes a little sad when someone say it is too generic, soapy, weak, etc… On the other hand, it is almost my signature scent, all of them, including the Amber pour Homme. How fascinating your ability to transform something already so beautiful into something magnificent, godly like, with all thse imagery that makes one go Vertigo. Now because of you, I will have to see all those films again, just in time for the screen biography of the Master’s. By the way, on tv last week there was a film about his fixation with the atress Tippy H. Bravo . Thanks for write about a scent I really like. Grazie mille e una bounna seratta, caro mio.

    • Oh my goodness Jose I had now idea you were under the spell of the cool Prada blonde! How perfect. Thank you so very much for your wonderful remarks and kindness. Enjoy the films, there are five films I referenced in the review so you shall be busy indeed!

      • Vertigo, Rear window, Psycho, Marnie ( of course ), and the one filmed in Monaco which I don’t recall the title. Is it the one in wich she, GK, met prince Ranier? Left Hollywod to become a real royal princess? And such a Hitchcockish sort of end. For one of these strange thoughts that get to our minds sometimes I think Voyage d’Hermes is very like Grace Kelly, specially the EDP. Thanks, again…

      • Jose you are right but I do owe you an apology. I counted my references again and there were in fact eight films. In re-reading it when I first counted them I missed three. So here they are in order.
        To Catch A Thief
        The Lady Vanishes
        North By Northwest
        The Birds
        Rear Window

  3. Ah yes. The ultimate Hitchcock blond, because she was Hitchcock’s ultimate blond.

    I wonder, does the perfume, like the actress, refuse to be owned? Resist the invitation to become anyone’s signature?

    That, dear Lanier, is the mystery at the heart of your thrilling review.

    And galbanum. I can’t think of a note that so perfectly encapsulates the ice maiden blond or is so perfectly encapsulated by that strange resin’s scent. An image once read, never forgotten.

    • Yes she is very independent and a woman who needs no one…at least not now. Thanks Assiduosity!

  4. Honestly, I cared very little about the perfume while reading your post; I only cared about how *beautifully* you described the woman. Enigmatic, alluring, unnerving, ice cold, a tease, misunderstood, mesmerizing…. so many things.

    The paragraph which particularly riveted me: “This woman who the whole evening watches me across the dinning table as her mother loaded with diamonds goes on about how over finished her reserved daughter is. All the while the blonde studies me daring to expose my secrets. Later I cautiously watch her unlock her door, with a seductive turn sheathed in chilled blue chiffon she drapes one bare arm around my neck and pulls me into the shock of her lips meeting mine. Before I can speak she steps back and swings the door shut between us.”

    I realise you’re relying on old Hitchcock’s but still, Bravo!

  5. This is a perfect scent for the heroine of Vertigo, I think. Beautiful, but a little … vacant. 🙂

    • Oh perfect Natalie! Yes I can see that in Infusion d’Iris! All we need is a hauntingly beautiful, slightly sinister love theme by Bernard Herrmann.

  6. The return of story time! And a visit to Wikipedia to uncover the secrets of Galbanum – an ancient aromatic used in incense to symbolize “deliberate and unrepentant sinners” – that fits perfectly with your icy blonde. I love story time! Thank you!

    • I always think when I begin to write one of these that you are there 376 miles south of me waiting for another tale. Just knowing that inspires me to do my best.

  7. Love the perfume, love the film, love the post. Another point in favor of Infusion d’Iris: I have correctly identified it multiple times on others wearing it. This says a lot for its distinctive take on iris, as I’m not particularly good at ID-ing scents.

    You probably know this already but if not, I think you ‘ll want to: the film was released in France under the name “Pas de printemps pour Marnie/No Springtime for Marnie.” Need I say more?

    • I never knew that about Marnie! The perfume is very unique isn’t it? I am so happy I found it. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  8. I love the old Hitchcock references, and how interesting that both you and I see iris as a slightly intimidating blond. Id’I was one of my first purchases after falling down the rabbit hole, and shows no signs of moving from my top three irises category. It’s one of my confidence perfumes, worn when I need to feel whip-smart and unflappable.

    • Whip smart and unflappable….just like Marnie. Yes I woke up Saturday and just knew it was a blond cool perfume. It all fell into place. Thanks Dionne!

  9. Since Prada d’Iris is one of my favorites as well I especially enjoyed watching your movie reading your story. It’s too late today but tomorrow I shall wear it!

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