To mark the one year anniversary of the passing of my dear Bryant I will tell you who he was.

Bryant Lanier:
Actor, author, angry, addict, ”Avow” brave, brilliant, bossy, bitter, bright, bold, beautiful, belter, baritone, Broadway, Burton, complicated, closed, charming, caring, charismatic, daring, driven, director, energetic, enlightened, enervating, frightened, friend, funny, fabulous, “Fiddler On The Roof”, generous, great, gregarious, gay, gentle, giant, “Glass Mendacity”, haunted, heart, “Hello Dolly”, intelligent, interested, introspective, interior, joyful, jaunty, “Jeffery”, kaleidoscopic, kinetic, “King And I”, lonely, loving, lost and found, “Les Miserable”, man, mysterious, master, masseur, muscular, “Man of La Mancha”, muse, naughty, nice, natural, opinionated, open, out, “Orpheus And Amerika”, passionate, perplexing, quadraphonic, questioning, queer, “Rainmaker” recovery, rough, ready, rich, right, responsible, resplendent, “Show Boat” silly, smart, sexy, strong, singer, sad, “Streetcar Named Desire”, sobriety  talented, tart, tormented, tortured, tough, tenacious, tingling, “The Fantastics”, unique, ubiquitous, victor, voluptuous voluptuary, visionary, wise, witty, wicked, wonderful, “X,Y, and Zee” yearning, yammering, youthful, “You Can’t Take It With You” Zesty.

Gone With The Wind


  1. There is something odd about “liking” certain posts within the blogging world, and it may just mean we have a limited definition of “like” in our heads. Like your beautiful description of Bryant, I need to list out a longer set of definitions for my “likes”. In this case it means comfort, support, admiration, and a toast of my morning cup of tea to you!

  2. What a great way to honor a friend, Lanier!

    • Honor! Yes I left that word out. There was honor in him too. Thank yoiu Dionne.

  3. What a wonderful tribute. I’m with David – my “like” means comfort, support, and space for you to feel your feelings, Lanier. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful friend.
    Much love,

  4. And muse – a love that seems to have given you a public voice, for which we are grateful – many thanks are in order to both you and Bryant Lanier. Pax, V

  5. A great hommage to your dear friend!

  6. A man’s immortality is the memories of those who survive him. Your gift to him is immortality

    • Thank you Christos, Bryant will always live in my heart.

  7. Feel hugged, my dear lanier.
    A wonderful tribute. To be held in such loving memory is what we all can only hope and wish for.

    • A hug all the way from Vienna is so appreciated and returned ten fold.

  8. Oh sweetie, a year…..

    He is also immortal through your love. One can live forever in the hearts of others, though it is cold comfort sometimes.

    You know, call me crazy, but I sensed something might be up with you. I sent you an email just last night. (Check your spam folder.) A huge massive hug for you, chéri, and from Zola, a big lick and nuzzle.

    • You are so sweet and so is Zola! I can’t find an email in my spam. Where did you send it? Try re-sending it.

      • I sent it to the Yahoo address. The one that starts with M_. I’ll try re-sending it after I double check your email on posts. I looked for contact information on your blog last night but didn’t see anything, so I just went with the email in your posts. I have to say, I feel a little better that I’m not totally crazy and irrational, but I just KNEW something was up.

      • Oh Yahoo! I never use that one LOL….let me go look for it.

  9. You can tell just from his photo that he was all those things from A to Z and so much more. Big hugs to you sir, I know this year cannot have been easy for you.

  10. Wow, I love that you took the time to write out all those descriptive words about him. Sorry to hear about the loss but glad to see that you are remembering him.

  11. My dear Lanier, I think he would be very happy by reading your so minimalist but compheensive short text as sharp as some short Chopin’s prelude. I guess he had a nice life among good friends while he was here in “corpo presente”. The other day I saw a German/Turkish film in whice the boy’s grand dad passes way and his father tries to explain to him what happened, he talks about the states we can find water in nature, liquid, solid, vapor, that the water was all the same in this different states and asked if the son could understand what he was trying to say? The boy said yes, he knew what had happened, grandpa evaporated…I never heard that before, so I don’t know how original that is. But should one care? I just want someday somebody can kindly say I had just eveporated. Friends …

    • That is truly a beautiful way to put it. Thanks so much Jose.

  12. Grief is the price we pay for love.

    But in its own way it is a part of the love, the part that persist when the object of love, but not the love itself, has passed away.

    The love itself endures and this remarkable tribute attests to the greatness not only of the man but of your love for him.

    Rest in peace Bryant Lanier.

    Long live love.

  13. Lanier – a sweet A to Z tribute in the name of love. It goes to show that love is deep, complex, crazy and after your loved one is gone, a part of your being and soul. Hugs my friend. Steve

  14. Please know dear Lanier how much it has meant for me to know you here because of Bryant and you! Cheers to dreams of love and sweet memories for you.

    • Oh Patti! You are so very dear. Thank you… Bryant brought many gifts to me and left even more behind to open later. One of them is you and all the lovely people I have come to know because of this blog.
      Hugs and Love to you too.

  15. I wasn’t sure what to write… I hope today it hurts a liittle less than a year ago.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful and touching tribute. Please consider my “Like” to be a big hug!

  17. Good Mourning.

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