UNA NOTTE A NAPOLI ~ Versace L’Homme

00551_fullThis city is old, very old, la città vecchia. It was first settled by the Greeks, Neapolis, the new city has stood in splendid defiance of the fires of Hades for thousands of years. Fires which could sweep it away in a roaring flash. Vesuvius glowers green and gorgeous as it rises nearly out of the heart of this city. The walls of the houses of Naples are ancient and burnished with the patina of history and war. It looks old and at times dirty but it is proud and enduring. And at night this city is the very heart of Italian amore! Una notte a Napoli says it all.


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One night in Naples

With the moon and the sea

I met an angel

He could no longer fly

One night in Naples

Of the stars he forgot

And even without wings

Took me to heaven


   And the men of Naples are indeed angelic, they have what all Italians possess, style with a capital “S”. Only in Naples it is more so. With death the ever present mistress of these men, the men of Naples tread beneath the killer of Pompeii and carry themselves like kings.


They dress with an elegant élan and walk like indolent big cats as the leave the ancient houses to take a passagata in the evening. Even the poorest men of the city dress well. It must be in the blood to always look so great. There is no fashion runway like it in the world as they stroll with their ladies though the streets of the city. Not even Versace can do these Neapolitans one better.  The only thing I can think of when I wear Versace L’Homme is of these incredible men of Naples.


   Versace L’Homme might have been created with men such as these in mind when it was launched in 1986. This was the height of the power fragrance for men, bombs of scent that demanded attention. If too many opposing power bombs met up in a club there could be blood. What stands out about this predominantly leather fragrance is how restrained it is in its opening of lemon, petite grain, basil and Italian pimento. In this 80’s age of gold chained hairy chested panache Versace L’Homme comes in easy and with great style. This gives the fragrance timelessness to me. This is Versace before Donatella took us all to the gladiatorial arena. This is not for the moment, for boys who like the flash and drama of a passing fad. This is a well made Italian suit for a man of substance and taste.


The center of this fragrance develops with roses in a patchouli patch sprinkled with cinnamon and cedar shavings and infused with sandlewood. The effect is Pepper! The leather comes up from behind and wraps you in a well made and comfortable jacket. The leather was rubbed with labdanum, and Tonka oil. In the breast pocket you will find a bit of smoky Oakmoss and a few vanilla beans.


The passagata of Versace L’Homme lasts around five to seven hours and like its louder friends at the club it has very good silage. But this one will not grab you by the silk tie and shake you for attention. This sly sexy guy enters the room with true and impressive grace that beckons the senses with authentic Italian style, much like  l’uomo da Napoli.

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  1. Beautiful post! I think Napoli’s Mayor should be grateful!!!

  2. I got my hubby a Versace scent for Christmas. Not this particular one though. This sounds great to me but you have a way with words and you could probably sell ice to an eskimo. This might not suit Mr. Poodle because he’s hardly the big cat of the house. (Don’t tell him I said that)

    • Ice cream to and Eskimo! LOL well in this case gilato. Don’t worry I wouldn’t dream of telling Mr. Poodle he isn’t the big cat…Not as long as there is a Poodle on at hot tin roof around! Hugs!

  3. “With death the ever present mistress of these men, the men of Naples tread beneath the killer of Pompeii and carry themselves like kings.”

    Love it.

  4. Wonderful post. Great words and nice photos. 🙂

    • Thank you Seth. Alas I didn’t not take the photos…only borrowed them. Next trip I will take some just for you.

      • Next trip you have to bring me along. I’ll be your trip photographer! 🙂

      • That is a DEAL! Italy is a dream for a great photographer such as you.

      • Yes, I can imagine. It is one place I never got to work to as a Flight Attendant. Well actually there are a few: Turkey, Australia, Eastern Europe but I digress. 🙂

  5. Italian tailoring… Oh my! Why do I feel like I just had an espresso with 007? And darlin’, you do have a way with words.

    • How is this for a word? LOVE!
      Hugs and thank you Miss L.

  6. I’d love to go to Naples! Cool post, Lanier!

    • Naples is very unique indeed. A beautiful setting for a city but always there is that mountain looming over the city. Pompeii is unbelievably wonderful and haunting. Save your money and go as soon as you can!

      • Oooo I forgot Pompeii is close. That is a place I must go. I used to wear a shirt that said POMPEII in high school because I was obsessed! Will be one of the first on the list!

  7. One of the things that impresses me the most about this blog, Lanier, is that you review a lot of men’s frags that typically wouldn’t interest me, but then I read the post anyway and think, “Ok, I’m convinced, now I want to smell that.” As far as those photos go….. sigh. I’ve got “Sharp-Dressed Man” playing in my head right now.

    • Yes I do a lot of the older fragrances that is true. I am moving forward to newer things now and then. But it is fun to unearth an old classic and dust it off and see how it flies. Si signorina, those are some sharp-dressed men alright.

  8. I would love to go to Naples too. The sun! The light! the style 🙂

  9. Gorgeous photos and I’m sure the scent as well. I see the “little orchestra” Pink Martini started in Portland, Oregon. Great music to go with such beautiful lyrics.

    • There you are Mary! How are those Dior’s doing? Yes Pink Martini is just plain wonderful.
      Ciao bellissima!

  10. Aaah. I am there now. More than any other – with the exception of Marseille, it’s French counterpart – place, there surely is no city in Western Europe where violence and imminent disaster hang thick in the air like this apparent power-house of a scent.

    I can’t wait to try it – Donatella (her name mutated in a rather unflattering canine manner by my friends) has always made me weary of this house, but I am persuaded. Gelati to the Inuits, sand to the Arabs – you’ve done it.

    Another observation on Italian men – their nails. Is this the only country in the world that has elevated the manicure to an act of macho self-worship? They are, on lawyers, doctors and architects at least, buffed and trimmed and without a cuticle in site. Oh, if only I had the time, the money and frankly the ego.

    • I forgot about the nails! You are so right. (Just looking at Donatella makes me weary.) Grazie molto amico mio!

  11. This superb post, pictures and soundtrack have all the freshness and rhythm of the best cocktail shaker ever!

  12. In this 80’s age of gold chained hairy chested panache Versace L’Homme comes in easy and with great style. This gives the fragrance … ccolognev.wordpress.com

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