My friend Armin sent me this lovely Chanel No.5 for my birthday today. Thank you Armin, and Vickie Lester (for dedicating her blog to me today) Today was the best birthday I have had in years. I spent it with my friends at work whom I truly treasure.  Oh yes, and I wore Chanel Antaeus today.  Antaeus was created by the great Jacques Polge for Chanel in 1981. Notes are lemon, lime, coriander, myrtle, clary sage, and bergamot. The heart is composed of thyme, basil, rose and jasmine, while the base of patchouli, castoreum, labdanum, and oak moss.  Full review to come soon.




  1. Happy Birthday Lanier

    I hope you have many more to come.

    Best Wishes 🙂


    That cake looks too beautiful to eat.

    • Thank you Israelite (my buddy from Fragantica!) Yes it sure looks gorgeous!

  2. That cake is so perfect—happy happy happy birthday, Mr. Smith, and many many more to come!!

    • Hugs and Kisses and lots of Birthday Cake to you Madame W.

  3. It sounds like you had a grand birthday, Lanier. Here’s to many, many more with oodles of loved ones.

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy birthday! Many scented returns!

    • The returns are coming in and they are very happy! Thank you Lucasai.

  7. Hi Lanier, my best wishes for your Birthday! It’s the best day to believe that your own dreams will come true. Happy Birthday!!!

    • Thank you so much Roberto! Yes a day for dreams to come true!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Super cake! xxxx

    • Thank you Stylentonic! That is a super thing to say from a super guy!

  9. Happy birthday! My dad is a December baby too. His birthday is the 10th. That is a great cake. Who knew that No.5 was gourmand! I’m happy to hear you had a great day and I wish you many more of those.

    • Poodle! Your papa is lucky to have a Poodle like you! Thank you so much and tell Papa Poodle I said happy birthday on Monday!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday, Lanier !! Enjoy the week. The cake is fantastical. And so are you !! Theadora

  11. What a lovely birthday present!

  12. Did you save me a slice? How in the world did I miss your birthday post! “Notes are lemon, lime, coriander, myrtle, clary sage, and bergamot. The heart is composed of thyme, basil, rose and jasmine,” put that in a teacup, Doll, add a teaspoon of sugar and we’ll have ourselves a party! Happy day after your birthday – xoxo – V – xoxo

    • Tea for two etc. Thank you and Love you Mrs. Norman Maine

  13. Happy, Birthday Lanier!!!! What a great present for a great guy!

    • Thanks Hound! The funny thing is everyone miss understood my post. Armin sent me the photo not the cake! LOL. It is the thought that counts and in this case the proof is in the …cake photo! Don’t you just love the chocolate plate!?

  14. Best wishes on your birthday fellow Sag!!!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday wishes! I”ve been off the grid. Catching up on your posts!

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes! Always lovely to get a perfumed letter from pefumedletter!

  16. Happy belated birthday, Lanier! That looks like a beautiful and delicious bottle 🙂 What a great way to celebrate!

  17. A belated happy birthday on here to you. I do hope the cake had elements of lemon, lime, coriander, myrtle, clary sage, and bergamot. And that the icing and confectioner’s cream heart is composed of thyme, basil, rose and jasmine, I doubt whether patchouli, castoreum, labdanum, and oak moss taste so good so we’ll have them in the air rather than on the plate.

    Many, many happy returns.

    • B. Thank you so very much! It sounds like a perfect cake to me. L.

  18. Happy Birthday wishes to you Lanier, albeit a little on the belated side but who says the fun and wishes can’t last as long as possible! That cake looks fabulous, so are you!

    • I am working this birthday to within an inch of its life Patti! Thanks for adding to the party!

  19. Oh, Lanier, so sorry to have missed your birthday, but it sounds like it was the loveliest of days. Sending you a great big birthday hug and wishes for a wonderful year filled with only amazing things! You are truly a gem!


    • Marie dear, We are still celebrating! Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts.

  20. End of the year was so busy this time that I’m that far behind on my reading.

    Happy belated birthday, Lanier!

    • Thank you Undina! Hey the party is still on, I have yet another birthday dinner tonight! Do I know how to work a birthday or what?

      • You sure do! ❤

  21. Happy belated birthday. I love that cake and the photo as well. But I’m really writing to tell you how much I adore Antaeus. It’s up there as one of my all-time favorite scents on a man, along with Habit Rouge. (Vintage versions for both, of course.) Mmmm, Antaeus…. nice choice, Lanier!

    • Thank you Kafkaesque. Those are two of my all time top favorites, Habit Rouge and Antaeus…we both have good taste!

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