IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TRIP BABY! ~ Ulysee by Vicky Tiel

She is the inventor of the mini skirt, the only American woman in history to have a couture design house in Paris which is still producing clothes today after forty plus years. She put Elizabeth Taylor in her first caftan, and thus became the designer to the jet setting glitterati of the 60’s right up to the celebrated stars of today.


This is Vicky Tiel and this is her one and only fragrance creation for men. Ulysse comes with this great history and pedigree and at a very reasonable price. As a mater of fact this brilliant wonderfully layered nearly symphonic scent is a steal at twenty dollars for 100 mil.

Rich, exotic, mature and no doubt inspired by Tiel’s several odysseys on the Mediterranean abroad the Burton’s yacht Kalizma. You can smell the crisp salt air of the Mediterranean sea blending with citrus aromas of Italy opening with neroli, yuzu, and Greece with the mignonette and Mandarin and lime blossom. As you sail along with this fragrance the spices of the Near East nutmeg, hawthorn, trefele and sesqui woods and those of the islands of Cypress and Crete, clover carnation and lavender rise up to meet you in pure splendor. It is an olfactory voyage that unfolds in surprising richness over about a seven hour dry down of patchouli, rich resinous benzion, musk, vanilla bean and Kiawah tree moss.  It smells so very expensive!


Ulysse is an overlooked masterpiece and I have to again thank MisterCrazyLegs over at Fragantica for his guidance to this discovery of a Homeric inspired treasure. AND the Bottle! Deeply carved bas relief crystal like glass is so unusual in its unique beauty against the stark sleek design of so many other designer’s bottles. Like some ancient glass found in a Hellenistic tomb. It is a classic little treasure in and of itself.


I really love this fragrance and look forward to many more voyages of adventure with Ulysse.




  1. Vicky Tiel! What a character! Her tell-awe book has been on my to-read list for months. Thanks for the reminder and push. Now it’s time for a little caftaning in green, of course! T. (The bottle is a beauty!)

    • Hi Theadora, Yes that book is on my list of must reads too. Don’t you just love that word “Caftaning”? I invented it yesterday!

      • Hello, Scents Memory Book Club! And YES. I love your glam-bam “Caftaning.” Thank you. Perfection! T.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Vicky Tiel and this perfume. I loved this look on Elizabeth Tailor!

    • Christos, you are so welcome. Yes this was a great look on Elizabeth, I agree.

  3. I am not familiar with Vicky Tiel but will be soon. Sounds like my kind of designer and woman.

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