AURARIUS ROMA DIVUM DOMUS ~ Canali Style by Canali

The gorgeous Piazza Della Repubblica in Rome with its fountain of the Naiads at its circular center is iconic. The circle of the Piazza is built on the echo of what once stood there, the circular center room of the gigantic baths of Diocletian. Here is where the elite of the Palatine hill mingled with the hoi polloi of the Subura in the ancient splendor of the imperial city. On the east side of the Piazza is the church of  Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri designed by Michelangelo which stands in the midst of the remaining ruins of the baths.

(Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome)

What few visitors realize is that the building was not designed by Michelangelo but rather restored. In fact when you are in this basilica you are actually standing inside a wing of the ancient bathhouse. When you realize this it is an overwhelming sight that transports you back to the glories of the ancient city.

Across from the Church on this glamorous Piazza stands the hotel Excedra a Boscolo, a 19th century semi-circular portico lined edifice that just captivates the onlooker.  I am so reminded of this building in the magnificent shape of the bottle design for Canali Style, an elegant classically inspired design which echoes the shape of this building. Here at the summit of the Viminal Hill with the wildly exciting traffic of Rome whirling madly around it the piazza is a vibrant part of the ancient yet modern capital.

Canali Style carries much of this excitement and vibrancy within the juice captured in this beauty of a bottle. The sophistication of the blending of clementine, pineapple and bergamot give the opening a very interesting beginning. At its heart is jasmine and orange blossom, I had my fist blood orange in Rome and this lovely note took me back to the Farnese Gardens where you can actually smell real jasmine and blood orange blossoms in the Roman spring. This loveliness last quite a while and then in the dry down there are rich spicy notes with nutmeg and coriander and a peppery hint as well as some woody aromas. Like the rich smell of the umbrella pines at the eastern end of the Palatine hill after a rain storm. It really is delicious! It smells very expensive to me and very Roman, with its blending of flowers and food aromas, much like the city itself which assaults the nose with just such aromatic notes. Roman life is in the streets where high style and la dolce vita della via meet so perfectly.

(Lanier on the Palatine in Rome ~ photograph by Lane Tibbs)

I have to thank my buddy Nikosculpture from Greece for telling me about this exciting hidden treasure from Italy. The best part is that it is so reasonably priced proving that in the world of perfume you don’t always have to pay top dollar to smell like a million bucks!

5 gold stars *****


  1. Beautiful!!!!

  2. I was trying to save this for story time — but in need of a little mini-holiday — and you delivered. Thank you, sir!

  3. The photo of the perfume captures the essence of the scent so well!

    • Thanks Jenson, I try to do my own bottle photo when I can. It is the part of the creation of the post that is the most fun.

  4. I just want to smell it now! (and go to Rome!)

    • It really does remind me of Rome. And yes go to Rome if you can. It is the most wonderful city I have ever visited. The Romans are beautiful and so warm. They make the city even more special.

  5. Gorgeous. I have never been to Rome, but your review makes me want to go very badly. And sniff some Canali Style — which sounds nothing like Gangnam style 😉

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