In the ever expanding universe of fragrance we can find perfume being made by automobile companies, pop stars, shoemakers, Las Vegas casinos you name it. Many of these houses I shy away from. Who wants to smell like Caesar’s Palace at thee in the morning? The world of fragrance is not just the domain of perfume houses such as Guerlain, Molinard, and Caron anymore. Still these houses are the standard by which all else must be measured. But it is not the name of the house that is so important. It is the creation by the Nose that is where the true magic of scent lies. A master perfumer can create for anyone and create wonderful things. In this instance the nose is Maurice Roucel.


With Lalique Pour Homme we have a stunning masterpiece from the “House of Glass”. The cache is refined, and dripping with class and it all begins with the finely crafted bottle. Lalique is famous for its crystal, world renowned and sought after by collectors and museums. The bottle clear and bold with its iconic lion head is a little piece of art. But what it contains is ethereal bliss. If you have not discovered Lalique Pour Homme then you are missing a magnificent olfactory experience.


Monsieur Roucel who has created for everyone from Guerlain to Gucci has blended a veritable garden of delights. Lalique Pour Homme puts me in mind of an afternoon in May at the center near the great fountain of the Luxembourg gardens in Pairs. Fresh flowers blooming amid trees warmed by the sun and the smell of vanilla from an ice cream vendor dance though the experience. It is an incredible blend by a brilliant artist. For me the best part is from the middle as it moves into the dry down when the flowers begin to fade. Lavender, iris, lily of the valley, and jasmine melt into a rich delicious vanilla supported by golden toned amber with a provocative hint of sandalwood and patchouli. These last two notes really richly round out the dry down beautifully. Lalique Pour Homme lasts on my skin for a good 6 to 8 hours. A lovely long day in the park!


This is a self assured masculine fragrance for a man with discerning taste and urbane style. It has fluid lines, great style and a strong masculine complexity. It says something unforgettable.

Five Gold Stars *****


  1. I’m certain I’ll dream tonight of eating a vanilla and lavender ice cream cone in the Luxembourg Gardens with a very tall parakeet, dashing and dear, named Lanier Beragon 😉 Bon nuit, Mister!

  2. Bon nuit mon cheri… Rendez-vous dans mes rêves dans le jardin enchanté de la reine Catherine de Médicis.

  3. This is really a masterpiece that is seldom acknowledged as such and given the praise it deserves. I get a lot of vetiver smokiness from this, especially in the opening. I am glad to see that you have spotted it an liked it enough to write such a beautiful post. Lalique in general is a non-perfume house that decided to play with perfumes and did it in the best possible way producing scents that are reasonably priced and their quality easily reaches niche levels.

    • Thank you Christos! I really need to check out some others from Lalique. Thanks to your comment I am inspired to go exploring.

      • Equus and of course Encre Noire are the first to search for.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that Lalique would come out with a such a classy fragrance. And I agree, there are much better things to smell like than Caesar’s Palace at 3am!

    • When I wrote that about Caesar’s I knew I was remembering it from somewhere…. and here it is.

      “The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning.” Casino Royale by Ian Fleming 1953

  5. Until recently I haven’t even considered Lalique to be a perfume company so I completely ignored all of their fragrances. I won’t be actively seeking any of them now as well, but given an opportunity I’ll check them out.

  6. First of all, your images are gorgeous! Secondly, I love the fact that the art Lalique so famously dazzles us with, not only pleases the eye, but in this case seduces our olfactory senses as well. I love those two for ones 🙂

    • I so agree with you Marie. Oddly enough not many people have explored the Lalique fragrance line (From what I gather) so maybe it is an undiscovered treasure. And you get a lovely Lalique designed bottle.

  7. I’m glad to hear nice things about this. I have had absolutely no luck with Lalique fragrances, but I do like several Roucel creations. I’ll pick this up if I see it, and give it a test.

    • Let me know what you think Natalie. By the way I have made friends with Hilary in the Barneys fragrance department. She is a treasure and an a “Muse of Scent”. She loaded me down with some wonderful samples from Arquiste (all 6 of the line) , L’artisan Perfumeur’s Seville a L’aube and the rhubarb heaven which is Aedes De Venustas. Reviews coming over the next few weeks on these… Did you know her when you lived here?

      • Fantab! Really excited to hear what you think of Arquiste. There are some in the line I like A LOT (need to write about them, actually). Is the Hilary the gorgeous one with dark hair? If so, yes, she was always really sweet and helpful.

  8. Well, when you lapsed into the lyrical of the “dry down” I have to admit I almost floated away . . .

    Speaking of L’Artisan Parfumeur, I can’t believe how much I adore the sweetness of Mure et Musc Extreme, one whiff of which always takes me back to the warmth of cold winters in London. Now there is rhubarb heaven to explore, thank you!

    • Oh Patti! More rhubarb in L’Artisan Perumeur’s Mure et Musc Extreme? ….now I am floating away.

  9. I’ve seen this in the store before, but bypassed it thinking “what do they know about perfume”. I guess I need to give this a try after your lovely review.

    • I think often times with houses that are not first and foremost about perfume, it is not what you know but who you hire to be your perfumier.

  10. Some point in the past, I choose not to remember the year, I lived for the late spring and early summer in a ramshackle hotel a few steps from the Jardins du Luxembourg.

    I knew the round pond well and would spend hours upon the green chairs around and about it smoking Gitanes Blonds Legeres that neither my health nor my wallet could afford, wondering if I would ever get work, and secretly hoping I would not.

    As I know Lalique there may just be a hint of that smoke somewhere in this mix, blended with the powder of the immaculate octogenarian Parisiennes walking their poodles and sharp sweetness of the pieces of fruit that every French child ends a meal.

    And also that formality, the manicured lawns, the French Senators entering and leaving their Palace. There is something proper in the work of these parfumiers, note Le Parfum, which can also be worn my a man.

    That this house often chooses to launch its fragrances on the Orient Express, the interiors of which it supplied the sublime glasswork for, says everything one needs to know.

    Though Encre tends towards being the show stopping chandelier in the repertoire, can I commend ‘L’hommage a la l’homme’ to you. We may be tiring of riding the oud wave, but as long as waves as elegant as thing crash upon my shore I am happy to play ‘Terms of Endearment’.

    • Assiduosity you took me back to Paris just now, and in such a beautiful way. Je suis en amour avec la façon dont vous écrivez. I am so happy to see you here and I savor and appreciate every word you write. You should create your own blog…if you haven’t already.

      • J’adore aussi votre prose poetique. Encore vous avez la perception excellente en toutes les questions du gout.
        Thank you also for your kind words, and yes I am working up to a blog – but learning my craft at the elbows of others first.

      • Je rougis! I do hope your apprenticeship at the elbows of others is short. You have a great writing talent.

  11. Because the American importer stopped bringing in Lalique pour homme, I have not been able to find this fragrance. I feel it is the best men’s fragrance for Black Tie wear made. Manley, delectable, yet sensitively delicate.

    Please tell me where I might be able to go to find and purchase Lalique pour homme.

    • Hello Jack! I agree it is very elegant perfect for Black Tie events. I found mine I’m Amazon and I just checked and you can still get it there. Cheers!

      • Thank you so much for this information. I really never thought that I would hear it from anyone outside of the firm. This effort is so appreciated.
        Hoping you have a wonderful holiday season.

      • Thank you for letting me know . I so appreciate your effort.
        Sending wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

      • Cheers Jack!!

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