AUTUMN IN NEW YORK ~ Perry Ellis for Men 1985

The setting sun turns the high end apartment buildings along  5th Avenue Petra rose in the late Fall. Low slung in the western sky over New Jersey it casts long shadows from the Metropolitan Museum across the avenue as taxis stream past blinking in and out of the sunlight. In the brisk air of the fading afternoon young bright men are dashing for a cab to head out for supper and a club or leaving a note with the doorman at the apartment of the fresh young thing they just have to see again. The smell of rain is in the air. Off of 5th Avenue along any block in the upper 60’s walk gentlemen of infinite experience who take more time in their pleasures. Men with the kind of style and grace one only acquires as life scrapes along leaving beautiful scars that tell the tale. The year  is 1985 and wealth and luxury have not been this desirable to the masses or so easy since the 1920’s. The signature scent of the day is Perry Ellis for Men.

Perry Ellis opens sweetly romantic and young. The carnation mixes with the leather and rose to give it a youthful yet effortless sophistication. There is a bit of bergamot mixed in with galbanum and oak moss to add a well rounded dry down and the vanilla shimmers with a bit of sweet luxury in the blended notes. It is a good starter for a young man who wants to try something a little more daring than a citrus or the standard “clean laundry” aura that is all the rage today. This smell is masculine, authoritative without being chauvinistic or arrogant. And not everyone or every guy who lives on his block will be wearing it. That is the nice thing about the old school classics, what is old can be new again.

As with most men’s fragrances from the 1980’s it is powerful and should be respected as such. The projection is substantial but not invasive. This gentleman has staying power galore. Eight to ten hours is the norm. Good for any evening occasion be it La Traviata at Met or a club in Soho.  It may be a bit heavy for daywear unless you are in showbiz.

If you are going for that 80’s elegance with out the “Dynasty” over kill then, think rich, preppy, Upper East Side Manhattan…it could even carry within its fragrant promises a few dangerous liaisons.

Four Gold Stars ****


  1. Great selection of colors!

    • Thank you David. The juice in the bottle and the fall colors were a calculation on my part. I was going for that Autumn is coming feeling.

  2. I never tried this fragrance. I guess because I’ve never seen it so it’s probably not being sold where I live.

    • Oh that is a shame. If you can’t find it on line no worries there are so many others to choose from.

  3. Wonderful post. I graduated from high school in ’86 and wanted nothing more that to move to New York. I think the movie Metropolitan came out around then, which only made me love NY more (that and 9 1/2 weeks). Certain fragrances are hardwired into my brain and trigger more time travel than pictures or a song. Thanks for the lovely Sunday read.

    • I am so happy you enjoyed the post. When I was a kid THE two New York movies were, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Sunday In New York”. Happy Sunday!

  4. “Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring.” Breakfast at Tiffany’s — xox, V

    • “look! Here you are, “Nine Lives” by Varjak, Paul….”

  5. Another wonderful post, Lanier! Always a pleasure!

  6. I so remember this scent… Thank you for bringing me back! Ooh, ooh… Could you cover Eau Sauvage one of these days?

    • Eau Savage is my best friend’s signature scent. So I will ask him if he would like to do a guest post. How about that…..?

      • I would LOVE that!

  7. Excellent review! Wonderfully rich and alluring scent from a time when each fragrance released smelled unique. Perry Ellis was a standout then and it certainly makes an impression in 2018. I have a vintage bottle given to me by my brother back in 1989 – It still smells amazing! The quality of the oakmoss is extraordinary. Now, to get this kind of quality you have to spend hundreds on niche fragrances. Even though this is still in production, I highly recommend finding a vintage bottle (made by Parfums Stern), as the ingredients are much better.

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