In the center of Rome there is an island of green. A haven  of umbrella pines, juniper, lemon and sycamore trees with winding paths, fountains and thousands of roses all flooding the gardens with wonderful smells,. The Borgese Gardens. When high summer takes hold of the city in a stranglehold these gardens seem to be the only cool escape to the Romans. Within this oasis the spray of fountains seem to catch and carry the myriad of fragrances out over Rome adding something magically classic to this classic city.

1881 Men Cerruti has the same effect on me.  The opening to me is a rush of cooling juniper and cypress backed up by carnation, a light citrus note of bergamot complimented by a lilt of lavender. As it warms to its heart notes enter florals ylang-ylang, rose, Lilly of the valley with more citrus from the Vetiver, the garden in bloom. Then in the dry down it smells of warm nights of musk, cedar, pine patchouli and pepper all warmed and rising in the air after sunset which brings it all to a magical finale.

1881 Men Cerru by the famed Italian designer Nino Cerruti is a genuine classic that has lost none of its charm or power over the years. A brilliant addition to any man’s collection. good silage and projection only adds to its appeal.

Five gold stars *****


  1. Will have to revisit this classic! I will never forget that sculpted bottle and I remember steeling a sprits from someone’s bathroom in my past ! I am currently going through a fresh cologne stage , enjoying many of the classics , I think this may be along those lines. Thanks for your thoughts on this !

    • You are so welcome sinnerman! So happy to have re-introduced you to this wonderful scent.

  2. I love the Borghese Gardens. I gate crashed a party there last time I was in Rome. You are a lucky bugger to live there.
    Portia xx

    • LOL I don’t live there. I have only strolled through the gardens on my visits to Rome.

  3. I usually try to save your vignettes for the end of the evening so I can go to bed with something beautiful in mind — but this afternoon I just couldn’t resist. Thank you, Lanier.

    • Ah thank you! Vicky Lester you just make me smile. I can always leave it to you to turn my frown up-side down.

  4. Very well written Lanier!

  5. Reblogged this on hisandhersfragrances.

  6. I hear 1881 makes a great gift as well. Very nice review, brother Lanier (save for the stray iPad punctuation, I assume). You have a talent for painting a picture with a fragrance.

    • I am so happy you like your birthday present brother Pengalar. Happy Birthday!

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