JUST THE FACTS MA’AM ~ Frank No.2 by Frank Los Angeles

There is an angry wind from the north that comes down the canyons of Los Angeles like flames from the nostrils of Beelzebub. The autumn wind from the Mohave is as hot as the devils breath and licks relentlessly at windows and doors pushing its sandy heat through any available crack.  It has been known to drive men mad and women to wanton acts of murder.

It rides on the backs of rabid dogs as they scrounge the dry river beds of the Valley for something to bite. It is relentless and even as it leaves the land scraping over Long Beach, Laguna and Doheny out over the waters of the Pacific, not even the great ocean can cool its searing anger. It is called the Santa Ana and it is something to behold.

From the moment I felt the touch of Frank No.2 by Frank Los Angeles on my skin I understood this fragrance as an old friend. In this unique perfume there are the familiar smells I recall from my youth in Los Angeles.  When that old wind begins to howl in the opening it is rich with plum, bergamot and white Lavender, the smell of the fragrant gardens of Southern California. In the heart notes of cognac, coffee, coriander are a boozy mix of the night before as it meets the rich breakfast aromas of the morning.  They do their job to enrich this fragrance and give it a creamy liqueur feeling. How about a shot of cognac in your cappuccino sir?  Further into the scent the wind begins to build and heat up. The resins in Frank No.2 smell to me of sun burned rocks in the desert. The wind from the Mohave picks up that smell and carries it over the mountains where it marries with the aroma of fur trees and other woods. As it blows out of the canyon you are engulfed by the power and force of this aromatic wind. The dry down  is so smoky and comfortable that you just want to linger there for hours.

Frank No.2 is very bold and in your face but in a welcoming open gregarious way that belies its dark noir undercurrent. It is inviting and cozy on the surface but beware the aggressive danger it hides. And indeed though it is listed as a masculine fragrance the plum notes give it a sweet touch that would work well on a woman of urbane sophistication and style that carries danger in her purse like a derringer pistol. It projects well and lasts about six hours on my skin.

(All three illustrations by Glen Orbick)

This warm wind from the desert has been known to dive men mad and women to wanton acts of murder, so if you can’t be good, then go mad with Frank Los Angeles.



  1. My compliments! Your posts are super! Fragrances and scents as essences of our life…

  2. Sounds AH MAY ZING! My Aura arrived today and I’ll try it tomorrow.
    Portia x

  3. I am quite liking the sound of this fragrance!


  4. Holy nostrils of Beelzebub, Lanier! You have pegged it once again. Temperature’s risin’ down here — hope you’re enjoying a cool day in SF.

  5. Loved this post! Those paintings really bring me somewhere cool, dark, and dangerous….femme fatale!

    • Danger, curves ahead. Yeah you gotta love a femme fatale.

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  7. You can keep your Santa Anna’s, thank you, I have enough to deal with in the Mistrals of Provence. But this scent is one I would love to dive in to, thanks to your evocative prose and my inner femme fatale, sleeping though she may be! 😉

  8. Ooh… I like the sound of this one.
    Love the descriptions of the heat coupled with these perfect illustrations.
    Frank. I will find it. 🙂

  9. Frank #2 sounds absolutely delicious.

    • Hey Jerry! Is is absolutely delicious indeed! so great to see you here. Do stop by again.

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