“Have you tried our special today…it is called “Oomph!”

How it is done in Tokyo, the pre-release launch of Lady Gaga’s FAME!  Here we have the perfect perfume spritz guy ready to serve you. Now then, when I walk through Macy’s, Neiman’s,  or Bloomingdales I have yet to run into a spritz guy like this!   Not even Barney’s of New York has anything close.

This is what I usually come up against when I am just browsing. “Have you tried our special today…it is called “Oomph!”


Tell me about your favorite perfume salesperson.



  1. LOL…I never see the spritzer on the top, nor the one on the bottom thankfully. However, I must say that I am WAAAAY over hearing about the Lady Gaga perfume!

    • What? Lady who? Oh yeah that is what he is holding isn’t it. In fact I could care less about the Gaga release. I am excited about the Chanel Coco Noir.

      • You do not look too excited: you haven’t even claimed your win 😉

  2. Put a bow tie on that neck and he could have been a bartender at Studio 54.

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