MANHATTAN ~ Tom Ford Men Extreme

In the milieu of Manhattan masculine moneyed elegance Tom Ford Men Extreme soars like an elegant amber glass sliver of a skyscraper over the skyline of fragrances.  This one is memorable and an instant classic. It conjures up drinks at the Oak Room on a Sunday afternoon, an early morning stroll along Central Park South where you just happen to see Tony Bennett out for a walk.

(The Oak Room)

A delicious after theater snack of blueberry blintzes at the Westway Diner on 9th avenue. A private weekend in the Hamptons with that very special someone, a bike ride on your own along the High Line trail though the city at sunset. Yes Tom Ford embodies all the chic elegance of New York life in this wonderful fragrance. Like a cultured gent this fragrance moves effortlessly though all situations and can fit the mood of most any time or place.

 It takes off with an opening of rich snappy lemon and rich tuber that blends in so well. The patchouli and fig just add that deep resonance of sartorial seriousness. Cedar in the dry down really round it out beautifully.

Last very long on my skin, around 9 hours and carries itself well in both work and evening situations. It is a mature bold masculine choice for a gentleman of discerning taste, style and élan.




  1. This sounds exactly like what I’d expect a Tom Ford scent to be like. He’s so manly and I love his style. I bet it’s a great fragrance.

    • It is a great fragrance Madame, and the right woman could wear it too!

  2. I love the visuals of your reviews and the descriptions – all so fresh and different! This makes me think of the Woody Allen movie. 🙂 But would Woody wear Tom Ford? I’m not so sure …

    • Thanks Natalie! I was going for the Woody Allen look in the photos. And no I don’t think he would wear Tom Ford, but maybe Diane Keaton would wear this “Men’s” fragrance. La de da, la de da…oh well.

      • I can see Diane in “men’s” fragrance, for sure, or at least something very unisex!

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