There is a little street in Paris on the left bank just off of the Quai de Montebello called  Les Degrés De Notre Dame. It is an utterly charming narrow street with a restaurant which bares the name of the street and a small clump of trees in a little island in the intersection that have fairy lights in them. It is one of my favorite just out of the way spots in Paris. It is so beautiful that movies are shot on this spot. Most recently Anne Hathaway was romanced on this spot by Simon Baker in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

And here at this junction under a lilac tree you can smell the most incredible scents of the city. Heady mixtures of the river Seine, the enticing aromas wafting from the restaurant Les Degrés De Notre Dame, and the surrounding flowers and the trees assault the senses. IT is heaven on earth with a view of Notre Dame Cathedral at the end of the street glowing in the night just beyond trees across the river.

Aura by Jaccamo Paris is much like this tiny part of paradise in the French capital. It is listed as a woody spicy but to me it is very gourmand. The opening notes of ginger, lemon and sage just burst forth in a splashy rush and for ten delirious minutes you are almost knocked off your feet. This almost put me off at first but what comes next is like a fabulous meal in a great undiscovered bistro. Nutmeg, Tonka bean, cinnamon the smell of fresh cut sweet tobacco leaves and tea hover at the heart of the fragrance. And they make a wondrous combination that both satisfy and strangely leave you hungry for more. It is almost too much to take in as it unfolds. But it is worth it. At the dry down you meet a classic combo of musk, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli, this desert is warm and comforting as a good cup of espresso after a long and enjoyable meal.

All of this was a real surprise to me as I only paid including tax $14.95 for this fragrance on-line. I found the very sleek modern bottle design to be intriguing and thought well why not give it a go. How happy I am that I took the chance on this blind buy. It has a fairly good projection and last quite long on my skin.

This fragrance that bowed in with the new millennium is a real find for those looking for a great modern fragrance that fits well with all ages and can be worn year round. Bravo to the nose of Henri Bergia for a great work in perfumery.

Five gold stars. *****

The restaurant in the hotel Les Degrés De Notre Dame is wonderful. If you get to Paris be sure to drop in for a wonderful meal. The atmosphere is casual chic and the crème brûlée, c’est magnifique!



  1. Where did you get such a deal? I can’t lemm if I don’t have the info.
    Portia xx

  2. I love this label. Eau Cendrée is my first perfume memory and I am currently preparing a post on the marvelous Silences. For some reason I have never looked twice at Aura and I think now this has to change. Thanks for writing about this one.

    • You are welcome! I am looking forward to your post on Silences.

  3. Other great post! Yes, Paris atmosphere is here with a fragrance…

  4. That’s a big “score” for this (I’ve been watching the Olympics 😉 ). It’s a shame it’s been overshadowed by Silences, so thanks for posting on it.

    • LOL I have been watching them too! I have yet to test out Silences but I will. But for now this one is a hit for me from Jacomo! Thanks Natalie!

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