Debuting next month from the house of Chanel is their new fragrance, Coco Noir.  Created by Chanel master perfumer  Jacques Polge the new addition to the house of the locked C’s was inspired by Venice in the wee hours of the night, the mystery of travel, the past and the dark layered beauty of the baroque.

The notes are, top notes: grapefruit, bergamot, orange. Middle notes: jasmine, rose, geranium, patchouli and bottom notes of tonka bean, white musk, incense, vanilla, sandalwood. It sounds like it is perfect for both sexes who are not afraid of something dark and laced with noir danger.

How perfect it is, a little black bottle to go with the little black dress (or dress pants.



  1. Fascinating! That Old Black Magic…

  2. That sounds divine. I can’t wait to try it out and hopefully buy it.

  3. Yes Roberto, that old black magic has me in its spell.
    Madame Weebles I really want a whiff of it too! And that little bottle, well the shape is iconic of course but in black it is a stunner.
    Ciao Ciao for now.

  4. I love Venice in the daytime, but there is something about getting lost in those winding streets at night that is incredibly atmospheric and romantic. Though Chanel just doesn’t smell good on me, I love the idea of it.

    • YES Venice at night is so indescribable. Especially after midnight the farthest reaches of the Academia. I am talking about the area around where the gondolier maker is and the old church from “Don’t Look Now”, where the real Venetians live. I love it there too. And who knows, this Chanel might be a game changer for you.

  5. Dearest Lanier, when you mentioned baroque I thought of Cire Trudon. Do you know them? Candles and scents since 1643. I had a friend pull me into a store promising I was about to smell an old cathedral floor (ancient cedar planks, and dust, and incense, and smoke) in the form of a candle– and, dag nab it — he was right.

    • No I don’t know Cire Trudon but thanks to you now I do! Thanks Miss Lester.

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