MY EGO TRIP ~ Chanel Egoiste Platinum

Being enveloped in a seductive and sophisticated fragrance and carried by that scent to another time, to another place, is a voluptuous and powerful feeling. Being a fan of at first Chanel Pour Monsieur, today Pour Monsieur Concentree one would think that I would have all of the men’s perfumes from 31 Rue Cambon. As it was, often I thought I should, but alas I never ventured beyond Monsieur because what is in that bottle is just that wonderful.

Last February on a sunny outing in San   Francisco I ventured Macy’s Men’s Store just off of Union Square and sniffed about the glittering counters. Nothing seemed to catch my nose or eye. Just as I was about to leave a little bottle of Platinum Egoïste winked at me.

“Try Me monsieur, you have always wanted to.” It seemed to say.

I thought, “Well why not.” It is Chanel after all….why put it off any longer?

I bought it without even testing it. Oh I have tested it over the years of course but on paper…. Well, it was always on paper, and it was nice enough.

At home when it hit my skin I was enveloped in a seductive and sophisticated fragrance, which carried me to another time and another magical place. PARIS! It all flashed the entire city,  jump cut and glittering before my eyes. I was stunned by the beauty and revelation I found in this fragrance.  I will leave it to the others to talk of notes and dry downs and whatnot.   Listing what causes this magic is just too mundaneI.  I find it always to be  a pure rush of wonderment. For me it is pure sensation and sensuality in this little bottle. Lighter than Pour Monsieur Concentree yet not lacking in a full ripe tone that speaks so eloquently of what Chanel stands for, elegance, style and wit.




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  2. Everytime I smell this on paper and from the bottle, I get a slight headache. Dont know why. Maybe I am sensitive to one of the ingredients. Havent tried this one on my skin yet.

  3. Is this one as good as people say it is?

    • I like it but I am told the original Egoiste wipes the floor with it.

      • oh really? ive tried the Ègoïste Concentrèe and it is extremely potent. A lot of spices and rosewood. However, the drydown is heavenly. I need to try the original to see how it compares. I think I sprayed too much the day I wore it.

      • LOL well as one who never thinks he has enough on I can’t make a call on that.

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