SPLENDOR FLORENTINE~ Salvatore Ferragamo

FLORENCE! Firenze la prima città del Rinascimento; The first city of the Renaissance.  A city so fabled in its history of art, religion, money, power and beauty. Here you smell leather in the streets from all the shops and street vendors selling Florentine leather goods. Everywhere you walk in this magnificent city you are bombarded by this scent. It is wonderful. Towering above all the famed leather workers in this city none is more renowned than Ferragamo the great Italian shoemakers. To visit Florence and not visit Ferragamo is a sin. Here you see the shoe elevated to an art form.

(Katharine Hepburn’s Ferragamo foot form)

Casual elegance with a sophisticated flair as embodied within the spirit of the Florentines that is what the house of Ferragamo has come up with in this sumptuous fragrance  Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme.


(View from the gardens of the Pitti Palace.)

The wonderful notes in this perfume are like postcards from Florence. The florals mixed with the woods and mosses carry me back to a spring day in the gardens of the Pitti Palace. As it moves into the dry down the leather emerges which is a brilliant touch coming from this master Italian shoemaker. With its arrival you are immersed in the workshops of Ferragamo warm and comfortable. In the dry down, rich deep base notes rise up in a masculine yet subtle blend of oak moss, musk, cedar and vetiver. With the arrival of these notes one is transported to the top of the hillside at the foot of  Basilica di San Miniato a Monte. Here in full view of the Tuscan countryside out of which Florence emerges in its entire Renaissance splendor you can embrace all that this wonderful fragrance embodies.

It last about six to seven hours in my experience and expounds a delicate but noticeable silage. This is a brilliant rich and reserved fragrance that will stay in your memory long after it has faded with one last romantic whisper.

Five gold stars!*****


  1. Beautiful review! Gorgeous nod. I also love the photographs. Especially the one of Katharine Hepburn’s Ferragamo foot form!! Theadora (I recently scored a pair of black patent leather Ferragamo flats at a flea market. Ah, they’re so well-made! And they still smell great.)

    • Thank you for your very kind words. How great is that Theadora to get a hold of some Ferragamo shoes! At a flea market no less! And you never know, they may have once belonged to Audrey Hepburn or Ava Gardner.

  2. This took me back to my trip to Florence last year. Such a beautiful city…. Thanks for the reminder and the charming review. I am not very familiar with this particular Ferragamo fragrance so I looks like a trip to their boutique is now necessary. Have a good weekend!

    • Thank you Clayton! Isn’t Florence wonderful. Each city in Italy is so unique with its own way of living and being experienced. I just love Italy. Hope you enjoy your trip to the boutique and that you like the new Ferragamo.

  3. I live in Italy, so Thanks – as Italian – for the beautiful post dedicated to Florence! I stayed there for one year perceiving the scents of art and history…

    • Ciao Roberto,
      Amo l’Italia! il mio cuore vive nella città di Roma. I love Italy, when ever I visit I feel like I have come home. The Italian people are so very welcoming and kind to me. I can not wait to return.
      Grazie e a piu tarde il amico!

  4. Ciao Lanier, I’m so glad for that. Your Italian is very good! Yes, you’re welcome! And thanks again for your moving tribute to Florence and Rome!

  5. I’ve always really liked this bottle, but somehow have never smelled the perfume. Great review!

    • Thank you! OH yes Natalie the bottle is so much fun. I didn’t realize that it twisted until I got mine in the post! It was a fun surprise. So that is why I choose that particular photo to show off the bottle to its best advantage.

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