“Falling in love again…never wanted to….what am I to do? I can’t help it.” The indelible glamour of Marlene Dietrich is legendary. Her style unique and daring in the early 1930’s was groundbreaking. Wearing a man’s tuxedo she sang and flirted with Gary Cooper and kissed a female extra  in “Morocco”. Marlene in that tux had more magnetism and sensuality than she would ever have if she had been singing in a Travis Banton gown .

Off the screen she picked up on Chanel’s appropriation of men’s clothing and took it to a new level with slacks, loafers and men’s shirts. And what scent did this sexy gender bending star sport? Knize 10 for Men.

(Marlene shocking in trousers.)

Launched in 1920 Knize 10 is considered one of, if not the top of the line in the Leather groups for Perfume. I personally love it though I do favor Chanel’s Cuir de Russie just above it in subtly of opening notes. (Both were launched in 1924)  I find Knize 10 also to be reminiscent of the wonderful Versace L’homme another great leather scent.

The top notes of orange lemon petit grain bergamot blast out of the bottle on first spray and sock you in the face. It is almost a motor oil-gas smell you get when you kick start a motorcycle.  This in your face and not unpleasant assault dissipates very quickly to reveal the up front rich leather that is the dominating note all the way to the end of the life of this fragrance. The patchouli and musk do there part to support this very masculine and sensual leather. It is like wearing a well broken in leather motorcycle jacket with out a shirt in the summer on a Harley racing down highway 1 from Big Sur to Cambria. The wind in your face and the smell of the tar up from the asphalt and the leather and sweat out from the jacket, it is Man Smell heaven. There are some flowers whipping past in the heat of the ride, rose, iris and a smidgen of carnation. But they are very light in their passing. The woods along the road come to play on an occasional curve you are hit with the summery warmth of cedar and sandalwood, luscious and intoxicating as they blend in with that musky leather. In the dry down the amber notes and oak moss do there best to keep up with the leather and it all dies out in a lovely last breath at about 8 hours after the journey began.

(Bixby bridge Highway 1  Big Sur California)

  This old school classic is anything but old. It is vibrant and modern in the most wonderful and unique way. And it is a pro at projecting with fine silage that garners some attention.  Mature is the order of the day with Knize 10, it is not for little boys to pay with matches like these. They could start a fire that is too hot to handle. “If their wings get burned I know I’m not to blame.”

I  just recently read somewhere that James Dean fancied Knize 10 as well as Marlene. If a Hollywood Rebel and The Scarlett Empress worked this sexy juice to their advantage then that tells you just how special it is.

(James Dean)

 KNIZE 10 For Men ~Five gold stars *****


  1. LOVE Knize Ten. Love it.

  2. Great images for this post! I can’t wear this one at all (I’m such a wimp), but you have inspired me to try my sample on Mr. APB. Maybe I will like it on him?

    • Thanks Natalie! Yes Kinze 10 is a demanding thing. I do hope it works on Mr. APB. Let me know?

  3. Where can one find this amazing fragrance?!

    • I found it on amazon.com at a very reasonable price. If you go for it I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Just bought it in Vienna (I’m from Milan)- love it!

    • Ciao Giogio! Yes it is a wonderful perfume… welcome to my blog I hope to see more of you here.

  5. […] you like the birched out Lone Star Memories, the gasoline pumped Knize 10, the smokin’ elegance of Tuscan Leather , opening the treasure chest of aromatic molecules […]

  6. Knize ten is not available in India.

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