An early morning walk along the Rue du Petit-Musc in the Marais in Paris is filled with many aromas. Among them is the blend of cooly sharp grapefruit, exotic Mandarin Oranges from the Chinese restaurant on the corner laced with other lush fruits and a hint of violets from the flower stalls on the Rue de Rivolli. Givenchy captured those heady Parisian flavors and stirred in exotic spices, warm woods, a few light florals and a dash of Vetiver to come up with this enticingly romantic at times erotic delight.

(My favorite cafe Les Temps des Cerises on Rue du Petit-Musc. At 4pm fresh chocolate éclairs come out of the ovens across the street at Boulangerie Patrick et Christine! Les Temps des Cerises means the time of cherries. Isn’t that wonderful?)

Always elegant but never aloof Givenchy Pour Homme has just the right touch of light hearted spring fun that can lead one into an unforgettable summer. Longevity six to eight hours on my skin, projection fair and silage admirable.

Four and a half platinum stars. ****1/2



  1. So classy. Love the pictures.

    I suppose on Fragr you go there to relax and join discussions about f smells ???

    • Ursula thanks! I am not sure I understand your question but when in Paris I go to the Boulangerie Patrick et Christine for the yummy fresh goodies and any discussion of fragrance is about how wonderful the bread smells.

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