OVERBOARD! ~ Carbone de Balmain

This beast is from another part of the forest.

I have had Carbone de Balmain for about a month now. I’ve worn it four times and I just cannot decide how to go with it. Do I love it or does IT hate me? I think it is a mood changer and what do I mean by that. Well this scent is so unusual so quirky that when I wear it I find my mood is altered, twice for the good, once for the dark side and today somewhere in the middle.

What is that familiar smell? Pencil Shavings! BANG, that’s it! That is the first thing out of the box and boy is it an original bold olfactory statement. As the top notes fade I find myself locked in a cedar closet. It might even be the one Kurt Russell was supposed to build for Goldie Hawn in “Overboard”!

The odd thing is there is no cedar in this formulation just like there was no cedar in the closet Kurt built for Goldie. Well then it must be the incense that has me so incensed! Or am I just intrigued by that spicy bomb of elemi, bourbon pepper, and benzoin. Not to mention the black fig doing a jig with the musty musk in a field of violet leaves, vetiver and ivy. Okay, okay this is all over the place so down to brass tacks.

This is the woodiest of the Woods that I have in my collection. I mean there is a forest in that bottle and it is haunted. And at best haunted forests must be approached with caution.

It is a chameleon, it is a challenge, and it is undeniably unique. It is ORIGINAL! It is to be admired for its boldness, for its very strong masculine flair and panache. It projects like canon fire in the heat of battle, and it lasts for days on my skin. (About 12 hours) So bottom line guys it is baseline borderline beatifically wicked. Not for every taste and I am not sure it is for my taste but I didn’t care for avocados my first time around the dinner table with them either. But I stuck with them and over time I grew to love the avocado, and I am sticking with Carbone de Balmain too. I like a good challenge, I like originality, and sometimes I like the dark side, but maybe not until autumn rolls around.

Three gold stars *** (Maybe four stars in October? I’ll let you know.)

November 17, 2012, it has grown on me and I have come to appreciate it. Just goes to show you that some things take time to know. FIVE GOLD STARS *****




  1. I’ve got a very generous sample of this from Dee, and I love it! This is another one that works well on a woman who can pull off the wood and incense (which would be me). Good stuff at a great price.

    • I am thrilled you like it and that it works for you. I took me a bit to grow into it. But now it is wonderful.

  2. I have had my eye on this since it was launched but never had the chance to sample it. Your post closed the sale.

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