I found myself at work today completely naked! I had forgotten to put on any scent this morning. I missed that little extra part of my ensemble that has become part of what everyone at work looks forward to each day. “What will Lanier be wearing today? His trademark Neapolitan vest, will it be a bow tie or traditional tie in a half Windsor knot? Grey wool slacks or black wide wale corduroys? But most important, what will he smell like today? He always smells so interesting.”

So I was sitting there missing my crowning touch when I realized I had a little tester in my backpack. I had yet to try this perfume that is made in my very own town, so what the heck. I opened the lovely and cleverly packaged sample and SPRITZ! Within a few moments my boss came by. “What smells so good?”
I smiled and motioned her over. “Could it be me?”

Her eyes widened, “Oh my but that is heavenly. What IS that fragrance?”
“My Little Secret” I winked.
“You mean ‘My Sin’?” She looked intrigued.
“NO.” I protested. “It’s my little secret that I am not ready to share.”
She gave me a rather Miranda Priestly up and down look and then walked away. “If you don’t tell me by the end of the day what that divine fragrance is don’t even bother to come in tomorrow.” She tossed the words over her should like a overstuffed Mark Jacobs bag.

(If you don’t tell me the name of that perfume, don’t bother to come back….. That’s all.)

Later in the shipping department Abe the big Kahuna of the department said. “Hey Dude! You smell great! What is that word for food…you know! You smell like that….that word for that kinda food them Greek Gods eat.”
“You mean ambrosia?” I smiled feeling like Apollo or Aphrodite might swoop down at any moment an lick me.
“Yeah like Ambrosia ….and a bakery! What is that stuff you have on? Gotta get me some, the wife will love it.”
“Dude!” I said with a wink. “It’s just me!”
“JUST ME? I think I heard’a that, is it by Calvin Klein?” He really wanted to know but I was late for a meeting so I had to leave him to ponder if CK was out with a new fragrance.

Well I didn’t tell anyone at work but I will tell you… just between us. It is Ineke’s “Field Notes From Paris”. And it is indeed Ambrosia! The Big Kahuna got it in one whiff and my very own devil in Prada has very good taste.

Everyone else has gone on about how it opens, its uniquely blended notes and dry down so I will leave that to them.  But I will say that I love the more unusual notes of tobacco flower, honey and leather that seem to add a mystery and spice to the whole affair. What matters to me on this little secret I am sharing with you it that it is spectacular and a real head turner with out knocking over walls or blasting out plate glass windows. And even more importantly I enjoy being wrapped within its scrumptious cloud. It is perfectly smart, adult, sophisticated and elegant.

A respectable silage  and good projection and lasts  on my skin 5 to 6 hours.

Five Platinum Stars *****


  1. Wonderful post! Sounds heavenly! May have to investigate this one as I’m ‘in the market’ for a new fragrance.

    • Well it is something special. At her website you can get a lovely package of all her perfumes in sample form for 25 dollars.

  2. Lemming like crazy!
    Portia xx

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