How about a walk along at the beach at Positano? Lounging on the deck of your yacht on the Tyrainian Sea somewhere between Ischia and Capri? A sudden urge grabs you and in an instant you are diving into the aqua marine waters immersed in the luxe of la dolce vita. That is Versace Man Eau Fraiche in one spritz to the wrist. Those are the opening notes. In its middle notes it whispers of expensive raw silk shirts next to the skin and carries the warm winds up from Africa as they hit the Tuscan coast. Rich and elegant but with a sense of adventure and the freedom of a midnight ride on a Vespa along an umbrella pine lined county road. The base notes find you sitting under the arches of the Doges Palazzo at dawn in Venice. As you watch the sunrise over the lagoon you contemplate the Bellinis last night at Harry’s Bar …..then she leans into you and whispers “I love the way you smell…ti amo.” Versace Man Eau Fraiche is all of this…..and more.

Five Gold Stars *****


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