Michael by Michael Kors is a rich elegant and utterly sophisticated scent for any gentleman of discerning style and taste. Hitting notes of leather, tobacco, and plum it has the feel of tony aristocratic mahogany paneled New York men’s clubs, or a brisk walk to the boathouse in Central Park in the golden glow of a late afternoon in autumn. Certainly not for everyone, least of all a kid, this is strictly for a man who knows just who he is and where he is going.

Five Gold Stars *****

UPDATE: It has an incredible longevity ~ If I were it in the evening it is still going strong the next morning. The stars of the fragrance are the plum and the tobacco notes. They give the perfume a deeply rich full really masculine punch. The silage is wonderful too. Michael is a real complement getter.

We all enjoyed Michael Kors on “Project Runway” his quick wit and his eagle eye for detail. He was a great addition to that show. Wish they would bring him back.

(Michael Kors)

08/06/12 Update: Michael Kors along with Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum are all back with the wonderful Tim Gunn!


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