“The murder weapon Madame et Monsieur was….. a bottle of Ambre!” Hercule Poirot thrust the sparkling heavy bottle of the oriental woody perfume at the horribly assembled group in the dining salon. At that precise moment the Orient Express lurched violently as it entered a tunnel and plunged the car and all within into a sudden inky darkness. A woman’s scream was devoured by the shriek of the train whistle. Shattering glass was immediately followed by the spread of most intoxicating scent any of them had ever smelled. “MY AMBRE!!” a man’s voice cried out. Then, just as suddenly as it was hurled into darkness the train exploded from the tunnel and the in the glaring light Prince Nicolai Poliakoff was discovered choking Hercule Poirot. “I would kill for my Baldessarini Ambre.”
Indeed a delicious mystery unfolds from this impossibly gorgeous and murderously heavy bottle that encases one of the most entrancing, superiorly masculine fragrances I have come across. The bottle is a work of art that is surpassed by the color of the juice. It is not merely brown, nor is it tea color but rather some kind of wonderful amber. As if the best chocolatier in Paris came up with the perfect clear chocolate brown.

But the show really begins when you put this glorious fragrance onto your skin. A wonderful warm whiskey soaked apple embraces you in pure intoxication. This in turn is
encased in a rich vanilla and leather with just a hint of violet. As that fades into a long
lingering and lush dry down up comes the labdanum, amber and oak. It all finally fades out
on my skin at about 9 hours.

MisterCrazyLegs over at Fragantica said he could bathe in it, so could I, it is just that rich, wonderful, sensual and intoxicating. It is really threatening my signature scent Chanel Pour Monsieur with murder. Baldessarini might just win.

Five Plus Platinum Stars ****


  1. Fantastic writing

  2. Oh my god
    Great Writer

    • Ahmad, thank you so much for your kind comment! You made my day a lot brighter.

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